I was well schooled and poorly educated in government schools. In 2008 I decided that was time for me to get educated. I began questioning the things I had been taught in the government schools. I began to question what the media was representing as the truth and  began spending many hours every day learning about principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

I knew that something was terribly wrong in America and I was determined to find out what it was. After nearly five years of investigation I have come to the conclusion that our problems we face today are the bankers love affair with our money.

While I make no claims to be a financial expert, I came to the conclusion that the decision of Congress to turn over the issuing of our currency to the privately owned Federal Reserve has been the catalyst that destroyed what was once the greatest nation in the history of the world.


Historic Inflations Rate in America from 1665 -2013    Click Here

You will notice that the inflation rate was almost non-existent from 1789 until 1913. Since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act see how well inflation has been kept under control. Then ask yourself if the Federal Reserve has been a blessing or a curse.

Another primary factor contributing to our current state of affairs is fractional reserve banking. More government spending has lead to more borrowing and higher taxes which all have a negative effect on the Gross National Product.

Either Congress is incredibly stupid or they are secret agents of the bankers that get them elected. 


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You ain't seen nothing yet. Let Obama and his cronies, and willing accomplices in the media have their way, and America, as we have known and loved her all these years, will no longer exist. We can still stop this decline, but only if we wake up, find our courage, stop listening to the propaganda, and act to preserve, for our children, a future worth contemplating.

Right on!!!

Or they are susceptible to bribery and/or blackmail.

They are not elected. With black box voting and no paper trail, there is no accountability to any vote. Congress is paid off, bought and sold and work for the bankers. I think only Ron Paul has a history of not taking any lobbyist money. He was purposely ignored by the mainstream Zionist media in his election campaign because they knew he was not bought and was not someone they could bribe. God bless Ron Paul. Too bad none of the rest of them ever say anything about audit the fed.

Love and money are incompatible even in the same sentence, except this one... what we are witnessing is an extrapolated addiction to money, it is what causes nearly all present politicians to whore then believe they're whole again.

August 1971, Nixon took us off the gold standard.  Note the cost of postage stamps from the inception of the nation until the present.     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_United_States_postage_rates   We The People must assert our own sovereignty over our currency.  Those at this site must be part of the catalyst for true reform.  We must embrace and expand what Ithaca, NY, and Breckenridge, CO, have done in creating their own currency for exchange.  The Republic is not dead.  By God's help and our unflinching courage we will prevail.  Let's remember the battle cry of 1776--"NO KING, BUT KING JESUS."

Inflation is caused by an increase in the ratio of dollars in circulation to the amount of goods and services that are available. Fractional Reserve Banking creates an substantial increase in the number of dollars in circulation without a corresponding increase in Gross National Product.

Congress has the Constitutional authority to print their own money without having to borrow money to print it. The issuance of debt free currency is very likely the reason that Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated.

From 1789 to 1913 Congress was responsible for regulating the value of our currency and products that cost $100 in 1789 cost $106 in 1913. Under the supervision of the Federal Reserve the price of $100 in goods and services in 1913 costs $2,300 today!

money can be regulated but only for awhile, it causes stresses and anxieties in people who live and rely on necessities other than the weights and measures of metals, paper and stones... similar to the scissors, paper and stone game, at best one out of three wins**... natural law is where everyone who works wins, because everyone is born with the urge to work!

**Initially currency regulation is similar to consumption of alcohol, drink and drive safely ...and for a nation that's 237 years old getting drunk in 1861 means we started to drink too much at about 25 and then started to snort cocaine at about 50 (1913) and on a kamikaze suicide mission ever since farter carter ...not unlike rome, which totally lost control of its progressively weaker "Republic" at about 50 as well (Republic 509 BC - 44 BC, not much after 400 BC it acted more like an empire under the name of "republic"), it became an empire then an imperial empire for most of its existence under the same name.

Then maybe it is true about the American people NOT trusting the standard news media .

Activist Post: 77% Do Not Trust Television News


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