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How much more of this crap are we gonna take before we, as regular thinking Americans, before we just stand up together and TELL our elected representatives what the hell to do?

Mitch McConnel is doing everything in his power to BLOCK Senator Rand Paul from defunding Planned Parenthood. This is just more distraction of the masses. A "Dog and Pony Show". I'm sick of it, and the jig is up. I no longer wish to argue over this or that minutia/"subject of the day". It is long past time to say NO MORE! No more to EVERYTHING.

  1. No more unconstitutional courts/judges/officers
  2. No more unwarranted searches of our private property, (proper-to our location, possession and responsibility), and this includes your car.
  3. No more ignoring the dictates from the American people.
  4. No more automatic "subject to the jurisdiction" status and CAPITOL Strawman names.
  5. No more taxes on Incomes.
  6. No more S.S. Administration.
  7. No more confusion and "Special" courts.
  8. No more property taxes, (another way to violate your property rights).
  9. No more ammunition for Homeland "Security". No more secrets from the American people.
  10. No more electronic or secret voting. (Why the F is it secret anyway? I'll tell you who I voted for. You can watch me vote if you want. I'm not going to do any more voting the way it is now anyway.)
  11. No more demands from policy Officers for proof of anything. How about we make THEM prove to us that THEY are bonded and have signed Oaths.
  12. No more FEMA and Homeland Security stockpiling survival food. And while we're at it...
  13. NO MORE B.A.R.

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Very Good Fairy.

That's what I'm talking about! Let's stand under the idea that the time is now to act. No longer can we simply let "them" take away our human rights without directly filing charges against each and every "actor" who would seek to hide behind "I'm just doing my job".

It is no longer acceptable to "go along to get along" or think for one minute that government has your best interests at heart. It IS patriotic to stand up to your own government and say NO when that IS the correct response.

Tell every officer of "the court", (and that includes the Policy Enforcers), that you will hold them PERSONALLY responsible for every action they take against you that is unconstitutional or just plain wrong. Most of what they try to do nowadays is way outside the realm of "necessary and Proper" or anything resembling "good behaviour". It IS time!

Personally, these types are lucky that I wasn't around when they declared it illegal to own gold in 1933. It's a good thing they're dead already. It saves me the trouble of having to take them to jail. I don't know what stopped us from rebelling then. How does one go about convincing everyone to participate in this ridiculous behaviour? Calling it "Patriotic"? MY ASS! These people were real lucky I wasn't born yet.

p.s. - I was not on the call, but I AM paying attention to "the force". "The Force" is strong in this one. Besides it doesn't take a prognosticator to "see" that everything is upside down.

Fairy, how can we get to your call? Are they archived so we can get up to speed on the discussion prior to the next one?


Yes, they are talking about getting the job done until I came barreling in and called them out about assisting in gathering the enforcement aspect for the West Virginia matter.  The lawful platform has been laid out on a silver platter with true fact evidence that the principals of West Virginia's state's government are in default, dishonor, and actual treason.  

We must all remember that the local levels of government were created via the franchising of the state's legislature and by not going directly to the principal as should be done when taking a corporation to task. This will only allow them to steer clear and then reform another branch of the franchise. It could be considered a revolving door policy.  

WV went after the principals, put them into default and dishonor with their incompetent silence which resulted in WV now lawfully able to invoke the law of necessity by lawfully being able to convene courts of record.

As has always been the case with all successful actions to date, enforcement is the missing piece of the puzzle.  

If somehow we could get the people off the couch and keyboard and start meaningful conversations on how we can assist in providing such enforcement by contacting all who may be affiliated with militias or know how to contact such people. They should then direct them to the site to familiarize them with what has taken place in order to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they truly now have that lawful platform to assist and stop the beer drinking and the shooting of beer cans on the weekends.  

Folks, I'm telling you all right now that if we truly concentrate on arranging and assisting WV by perpetrating citizens arrests of the defendants with the backing of enforcement, I promise my life that such an incredible action would reverberate such a fear in other state's principals, it would be much easier to round them up with proper, lawful actions similar to what WV did. I think Thomas, Linda, Alicia, myself and others would be more than happy to assist any state in such actions. 

Agreed! I've had enough for too long.

Our challenge is to convince more than our small group what is going on right in front of them. But they are blind to it, because they are running on life's treadmill. The very treadmill to keep them so busy and financially dependent that they can't take a moment and say, "WTF is going on?" Our friends and neighbors aren't stupid, just kept in an intentional diversion.

Linda has the right idea. We need to take down the criminals and traitors. Then take back OUR government. There's nothing wrong with the rules that were written 200 years ago, only the sick animals that have been infiltrating positions within it for the last few decades. We need to make an example of the present criminals, so that the average American asks us what's going on. Only then will we have a voice and credibility to make our case. The sheeple aren't necessarily stupid, just ignorant. Ignorant because the FACTS have been kept from them, and/or manipulated to prop-up an agenda. Linda, can you give us an update or outline once in a while? Some of us can make every call or meeting, as we are on similar treadmills ourselves. Thanks.

To allow us to get back on-track, we need to refer back to the rules. If the Constitution doesn't give the federal government authority over any subject, they can't go there. The authority always reverts to the states and people, period. There ya go! The federal government then only has a few hundred employees, and we would know each of their names, AND be able to hold THEM accountable for EVERYTHING!

The average citizen needs to comprehend that OUR government cannot do any activity that we can't do for ourselves. We can't elect or appoint someone to violate someone else's Rights on OUR behalf. A title or office doesn't make it legal! If WE can't do something, we can't pay someone to do it. That would be what organized crime or a police state engages in. That's not us!

Right now it is Mike. We DO live in a "Police State".

Yes!  It's time to stop the political BS and start doing what is RIGHT.  All legislation put before Congress should be Stand Alone Legislation.  If it needs to be amended, amend it.  But only with reference to the original bill.  Tacking on an Amendment in order to sneak legislation into law that is not even closely related to the original bill should be considered criminal. 

You are NOT going to get anything done till you get these wretched people legally seated with oaths and bonds according to the Constitutions. If they don't have to do that they don't have to do ANYTHING.... This has been posted before. Has anybody filed it? If something this simple as a Amici Curiae from everyone (sent in support) can't be accomplished they we can kiss the rest goodbye.

and The People wait and suffer..........................

Anybody has the right and power to do this.. Everybody across the country should care if ALL judges and officials have LEGAL oaths and bonds secured and filed.

The only other option is to reinstate the original 13th amendment and in the end that means they will have oaths and bonds.

This is the result of Tyranny:


The result of heathens and giants in office is elderly and children being tortured to death. See footnote #16 in the Quo Warranto

Linda, There is a Maxim of law which specifies that like things can only deal with like things. The gentleman from WV are real men with hands and legs and the principals of the three (3) branch's of their state's government (defendants) are fictional corporations and therefore they can not talk or hear them as real men. This is why they continue attempting to transfer their standing and jurisdiction. These gentleman in WV can not and will not win their case because these foreign agent occupier's jig would be up and they would then have to abide by their original contract.

What can and is happening is these guys are entering the crimes of the defendants into the court record and due to the fact that the defendants are in total default and dishonor via proper, lawful process, the law of necessity can now be implemented. The problem with this is the fact that there is a lack of enforcement to exercise these tyrant's arrest and such arrests can lawfully be performed via the citizen's arrest process. Again, enforcement is the issue.

It is for these reasons they and those who understand what has taken place are calling for this needed enforcement arm to be implemented. We the people finally have the lawful platform or foundation to take action which very well could be the catalyst of a domino effect for change of at least forcing the adhesion of the original contract (oath of office) nationwide. Thomas has brilliantly laid out this platform in a turn key manner which no one has been able to do in our history.

I again ask all the members of this venue. Will you finally stand up and attempt to assist in the rule of law by attempting to gather enforcement in numbers or will you continue talking, bitch!ng, moaning, and whining about our continuing demise via the status quo? That's the real question and bottom line of this whole ordeal.

QUOTE: What if the 3 did not go after them as real men with arms and legs, and instead filed as they see us as strawmen and women? I'm fuzzy with all this. Would they have had a better chance if they did things as strawmen instead?

They would be persecuted as the enemy they claim via the War Powers Act of 1933. Remember, enemies have no rights and will continue to be raped and pillaged. These foreign agent occupiers purporting to be our lawful government presume everyone to be their enemy under their emergency rules via the Banking Relief Act of 1933.  This is a big part of their breach of oath. 


I have filed the proper actions that "entered the crimes of the defendants into the court record" that they can NOT deny. See my post sixth back..... I am NOT talking I am really doing. You ought to see my WHOLE record. 

If everyone would simply complete the Amici Curiae in support and send to the federal court (and possibly representatives) letting them know to "comply" or leave office now and possibly get some militia demanding the same at least we might get the FIRST paper work of duty completed. If they have to comply with that seems to me they will anything there after. I would say Ohio has already started with the case filed and open. 

It appears to me you are after their "original contract (oath of office)" so we must be on the same page. If we get oaths and BONDS legal then we start claiming on the bonds to hold them to contract. That INVOKES COMMERCIAL LAW.... (if they don't want to act like our servants and do OUR business not the corporations business)

Thanks for your patriotism

PS I think we need to make them budget for lots of soap... To many are coming to the table violating the clean hands maxim. lololololol...........

Yes Rosanna, You really get it!


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