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We the People are not the fourth branch of government, we are the tree that is rooted in the truth and the principles of natural law. The fruit that grows on the virtuous branches produces peace, prosperity and freedom while the fruit from the branches of our corrupt government yield a harvest of only corrupt fruit.

When a farmer notices his trees are producing rotten fruit he must prune the branches in order to harvest delicious and delightsome fruit. The Law of the Harvest allows us only to harvest according to the seeds we have sown. As long as we allow our legislators to pass unjust and unconstitutional law we will continue to reap a harvest of failure and frustration.

The Creator and architect of the Universe was also the author of principles of natural law. These laws are eternal and can not be amended, repealed or abolished. These laws are based on the premise that all men were created equal and were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights including the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On the other-hand laws written by rich and powerful men violate the principles upon which the Universe was created.

The problems we face in the world day are the result of the seeds we have planted. When a government violates moral and ethical principles they sow the seeds that lead to failure and frustration. If we want to have a better world we need to plant better seeds. Corrupt seeds will always bear corrupt fruit. Unjust laws always result in inequality, injustice and the loss of freedom.

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