Middle Man

It would seem that the answer is quite simple after all. I started to think about it and realized it was right there in front of me the whole time. Everywhere we go, everything we do; we have to pay homage to a middle man with his hand out like a Bandit on the Highway.

Think about it.

You work for money. There’s the IRS with their hand out.

You go to buy some product. There’s the State tax man with his hand out.

You go to the Hospital for help. There’s ObamaCare insurers with their hand out.

You go for a ride in your car. There’s the insurance man again, along with the DMV with “Driver’s License” fees, the state with their tag/registration fees and the tax man with more taxes on all of the processes, with their hands out.

You want to use Medicare, Medicaid? Another middle-man Insurance company is right there with their hand out with a fiduciary responsibility to increase profits for their stockholders, not you.

It used to be, that simple procedures for people were cheap and sometimes even free. Then along came “Health” insurance and there goes the price, right through the roof. Middle man has to make money to stay in business and that will NEVER, EVER, make a product LESS expensive. PERIOD!

It used to be you could take your pet to the local pet doc down the street and for twenty dollars he would take care of you and send you on your way. Then along comes the “Brilliant” idea of having “Health” Insurance for your pet. Anyone want to guess what came next?

You guessed it. Skyrocketing prices on the cost of caring for your pet, for the very same reasons that ruins everything else they touch. Now you can count on eating up more like TWO HUNDRED dollars in a single visit for a simple check up and de-worming. RIDICULOUS!

Because the REAL truth is that these insurances right along with all the other scams foisted upon us (like Social “Security”), are nothing more than ANOTHER way for the International Banksters to play Middle Man.


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I've said it before and I'll say it again.

1) demand of your so-called representatives in both houses of congress that they support

   Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine's house resolution to REPEAL the 16th amendment.

2) Demand of your representatives that the Federal Reserve System be abolished and all of it's

    functions transferred BACK to the U.S. Treasury Department according to our Constitution.

3) Demand of your representatives that Social Security be privatized and voluntary.

But Guy,

 The SSA will tell you that Social Security IS voluntary. That you volunteered when you filled out the SS-5. The IRS calls their system "voluntary compliance". You volunteer to pay taxes on incomes. Don't you see? You volunteered!

As far as the FRB, they were created in the most unseemly manner that could exist. During Christmas vacation, without a quorum, after sending everyone else home on the promise that the ten or so Senators that were left wouldn't be doing anything significant anyway. Ya RIGHT!

And it's NO COINCIDENCE that ObamaCare was passed with the exact same tactics as exactly 100 years prior (virtually to the day).

These people will NEVER give up their power over our lives without a fight. Legislation won't do it; they don't pay attention to the legislation we have now, nor do they respect the rule of or Law of the land.

But meanwhile just STOP VOLUNTEERING!

Orange Jump-suits. All of 'em. TODAY! Who's with me?

I beg to differ sir, so-called "Social Security" is a TAX and is referred to as a tax.

The employer MUST pay and the employee ALSO MUST pay.

As to so called "Income Tax" which is for people who receive "wages" a misnomer.

People who work for their "wages" are subject to "wage" taxation (enacted during WW2)

We Started out with "Income Tax" (the reporting of your income was "voluntary")

Then the "Fed" decided they needed to tax Capital Gains, and finally wages were taxed.

In this upcoming election cycle in 2016 all real Americans should make the Repeal of the 16th Amendment, and dissolution of that group of organized criminals the FRB. 

and the privatization of social security the MAIN issues and challenge all of these so called

politicians on these three issues and see what they "say". especially the ones who claim they are "conservatives"  But you're right WE the PEOPLE will have to fight them on all fronts.

Guy Rich you are very close to the right track but lacking the correct fuel for your brain engine.  

Please read this info on the 16th because it will explain what it IS about and what it is NOT about.  http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm

Beg to differ with the definition of what the program IS if you want Guy,

But that has nothing to do with what I said. Both SYSTEMS, whatever they are made of; are considered BY THEM, to be VOLUNTARY! That does not mean I think it's not a tax. It means you had to sign your name to get the SS number. Or at least I did.

And it means people continually "volunteer" to call their "earnings", "income". I volunteered, right from the start by signing that SS-5. I just didn't know it. Wish somebody would'a told me then what I know now.

I was only 17 though, so I don't see how that signature could possibly be considered legally valid or binding in any way. $32,000 later the whole thing is fairly binding though, eh?

Ha ha ha. I laugh at these "demands", just like your representative laughs at you. TRY to get a one on one with your STATE rep....I guarantee you will fail. It's not that I disagree with you, I wholeheartedly agree. But the reality is, we have no representation. The only thing that will change that is more stick, less talk.

Correct Dan

Bridensteines a good man...
'Okie' don

hunting license,fishing license,boat & trailer license(registration)gun registration etc.and efforts to limit or

restrict people's ability to grow their own food,herbs etc Swat raids on stores carrying "Raw "milk after hundreds of years of people drinking it without problems until Big Agriculture CAFO)gave their livestock

antibiotics & steroids and added extra crap to the meat (pink slime).The daily assaults from Chemtrails

which are not contrails from passenger flights but linger and fan out in the sky and contain tiny nano particles of alumninum,and other toxic substances which penetrate the skin and get in our tissues and blood stream and some go to our brains. Pulsed microwaves from WIFI and cell towers and "Smart Meters".It is beyond what George Orwell's 1984 novel talked about "Big Brother is watching you" and the

Ministry of Truth like our MSM constantly lying and presenting DHS drills as live Shootings..False flags

here and abroad to instill FEAR and divide people not just by race but also religion. Surpressed knowledge of Free Energy which would eliminate need to buy fossil fuels , cars & trains running on plasma propulsion (similar to vacumn containers at the drive-thru at banks ..anti-gravity tech has been back engineered since

1940's and US as well as Russia & China made treaties with Alien races which have been on earth or visiting for centuries !


However, as I have been telling people for over a decade now, nothing will or can change until we have the underlying support systems that enable the change. Few have understood or chosen to listen to this technical, legal, free-will and Constitutionally protected fact. 

Even today I take additional document action on behalf of "all Americans so situated" which includes you (i.e. anyone who wishes for it to.

Anyway, this is why I am back in my own country trying to make a difference. Heck, they tasered, then shot and killed our brother Robert Lawrence, 12/30/2014 effectively because he did not produce a gov issued ID. Come on.

There are solutions readily available. It does require some work. Then all it requires (or should) is your free-will choice.

Should anyone be interested in what is being developed and who intends to be the change individually and collectively needed for America and frankly the rest of the world, say so.

Respectfully, SA 

P.S. - Just glancing at Guy Rich comment, for example, though such may be all and good, with all due respect that is old thinking, and we are way past the point of asking a representative. Isn't it time we represented ourselves and each other? 

I have lived over a decade now with no Mayer, City Councilman, County Commissioner, Governor, President and done just fine if not better. Be the change. Again, we must have the underlying support system to enable the change. Much is already in place.

Respectfully, SA

I don't consent. That is my only vote.

Do you have any EVIDENCE that the Constitution and laws of the United States apply to me just because I am in South Carolina?

See 26 USC 83 and wevgov.com for good info on how to stop the unlawful theft of your pay.

5WarVeteran, you do have a choice.

A large group in California did a Joinder to Dave Maryland's Criminal Complaint against the IRS. THEY RECENTLY HAD A $244,000.00 LIEN REMOVED AND GOT ANOTHER FELLOW A $6,000.00 REFUND OF S.S. PAYMENTS THAT HAD BEEN STOLEN.

See wevgov.com. Get on the American Liberties calls on talkshoe and get on Chappies email list.

The Joinder has prevented at least 12 indictments so far and it has stopped the IRS and the SCDOR for me personally. I did the joinder 2 years ago. If they try to do anything to me, I can sue them in their personal capacity, both civilly and criminally. They do NOT want to risk prison and losing everything they own to come after me.


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