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Middle Man

It would seem that the answer is quite simple after all. I started to think about it and realized it was right there in front of me the whole time. Everywhere we go, everything we do; we have to pay homage to a middle man with his hand out like a Bandit on the Highway.

Think about it.

You work for money. There’s the IRS with their hand out.

You go to buy some product. There’s the State tax man with his hand out.

You go to the Hospital for help. There’s ObamaCare insurers with their hand out.

You go for a ride in your car. There’s the insurance man again, along with the DMV with “Driver’s License” fees, the state with their tag/registration fees and the tax man with more taxes on all of the processes, with their hands out.

You want to use Medicare, Medicaid? Another middle-man Insurance company is right there with their hand out with a fiduciary responsibility to increase profits for their stockholders, not you.

It used to be, that simple procedures for people were cheap and sometimes even free. Then along came “Health” insurance and there goes the price, right through the roof. Middle man has to make money to stay in business and that will NEVER, EVER, make a product LESS expensive. PERIOD!

It used to be you could take your pet to the local pet doc down the street and for twenty dollars he would take care of you and send you on your way. Then along comes the “Brilliant” idea of having “Health” Insurance for your pet. Anyone want to guess what came next?

You guessed it. Skyrocketing prices on the cost of caring for your pet, for the very same reasons that ruins everything else they touch. Now you can count on eating up more like TWO HUNDRED dollars in a single visit for a simple check up and de-worming. RIDICULOUS!

Because the REAL truth is that these insurances right along with all the other scams foisted upon us (like Social “Security”), are nothing more than ANOTHER way for the International Banksters to play Middle Man.


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letter from the DOJ to a citizen who was reporting corruption in the courts.  

You can find whistleblower Mr. Moossy phone number here. Please call or write him or your representatives and state agencies and tell them the gig is up.......
See my letter I sent to Mr. Moossy and Callahan attached. 

R., Thanks for the share. Could you get me a decent copy of the letter denying Due Process please?  The letter you sent is appreciated. Thanks for doing your part.

Should this be of any assistance, here it is.

Waivers of constitutional rights not only must be voluntary but must be knowing, intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences.” Brady v US, 397 US 742, 748 (1970).

The 1st thing to always do make sure you make a "special appearance only" to address a/the specific issue. The second thing is to bring into the question or jurisdiction, stating that there are no grounds for jurisdiction. Typically, the judge (ALWAYS demand a judge, never accept a magistrate) will say they will address the jurisdiction later. They are relying on you to KNOW that nothing can move forward until the issue of jurisdiction is addressed.

Anyway, I expect others may be of better help than I, but here is a quick .02 should it be worth that.

Respectfully, SA

Plz excuse again. Without looking anything up, I believe Due Process, i.e. Constitutional Due Process for Judicial (Article III courts?) comes under the IV Amendment. What this Administrative Judge is saying and claiming as he is under a court created by the legislators not the Constitution is that under the granted privilege of a Civil statutory right under "color of law", I presume because "All Rights" were not first retained (NOTE, not reserved) and in my opinion all powers were not first reserved.  Anyway, possibly being aware or more knowledgeable (than I for sure) of these facts or items may be of help.

I would like to see, and would appreciate a copy of the original letter that was sent along with the pdf you posted. Also, it would be helpful to have the name of the judge, judges and/or other involved officers along with any photo of them you might be able to come up with. Such helps in bringing accountability. Your call.

Respectfully, SA

I think the DOJ letter is a photo shot not a scanned copy of the letter. I wrote the online reporter and answered sending me the same photo and knows the man the DOJ is writing too. She says the letter is real. I would highly recommend you contacting her yourself. If you get a copy of the scanned version please get it to me. the FBI is supposed to be looking into my Mom's investigation but I found out something lately and know that is a lie so this letter is only more proof we are being bamboozled. I printed the letter from the website as it is and plan on using it as evidence. But I would prefer to have a scanned version. I am attaching what the reporter sent me. She wants people to pass this link of information they found around. This also backs up Scott Bodley who just located DOJ incrimination fraud in 1948. He just went to prison after they railroaded him. I've spoke with Scott's wife. So check out this information. It really troubles me nobody on this site is discussing this. It makes me wonder what I am in the middle of and where are the action groups who are going to get up and do something vs talk? So If you get a better letter send it my way. I will do something with it not just talk. You can send me a contact message thru here by clicking on my name if you feel that would be productive. I have a father I am trying to rescue who is dying and justice for Mom's murder and the theft of their estate. Thanks for catching this post.....    


my website... and the link

I know the recipient of this letter from a group I belong to - he and I need to keep him  updated- so. He needs to benefit from any actions taken on it, and hopefully it will help others. 

Secondly, I would like you to help me circulate the following link which contains information for the public that is just as important- it pertains to every state and is the root cause of all of the corruption- encourage them to click through the image map:

 Register for my site.. so you can keep updated.  I have had some success in getting this information to Governor Tom Wolf.  I believe his moratorium on the death penalty is related to this.. he knows that half those people may be innocent. 

Keep up the good work. Thanks. Diane Gochin


DOJ COVER UP (S. Bodley from Illinois) You can pick up his other videos from here...
PS Thanks for that case opinion good call........


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