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Good Morning,

From you name and your attitude, it appears that you are passive in you feelings about my liberty. Indian maybe Hindu and with close association to muslims that are not passive. I suggest that you find a Sikh to protect your inalienable rights. muslims want to greet you into islam or kill you or pay a tax for your freedom.

To prevent a rise in terrorism one defends their rights with might against those that wish to deny their rights with force.

You sound like an articulate English speaker, with a Gandhi approach. He used that against the Brits over salt. I suggest it does not fit in the current situations.

The Lakota in Dakota, over their inalienable rights and treaty rights are confronting the corporate governance. Corporate employees are armed and demonstrating a desire for violence. Against the Indigenous inhabitants peacefully on the land..

They are the terrorist.

Good Morning Mr. Ronald,

    I agree with you, but till now we are only destroying the embodiment of terrorism, not their ideologies that still invincible for the world supper power.

Yes rights with might are essential to maintain the global peace, but we will have to look forward for the ideologies that would combat the evil perceptions that creating the basis for terrorism and war.

Thank you ! First of all, we are human being in actual fact, that separated in mazes of religious and political issues.

You degrade me with Mr. Ronald. I am an American National and refuse all titles of nobility.

I could give a shit about Global Peace. I am not a peace keeper, nor my brothers keeper. I will defend another American National as I would myself. Not you or your ilk. Here is my land. Being human is of little consequence to my enemies. that is a DNA thing. What one does with their humanity makes the difference.

Here it is from a point of view of a freeman or woman, first it is ME and my individual rights, then it is WE if you are a sovereign equal, then it is you if you are in my zone and collateral damage is a possibility, then it is they, those over there that have not met the criteria of we. or proven to be an enemy.

Thank you, you say! I am insulting you and you ilk. Are you new?   

Thanks for enlightening me to learn about the facts that separates the basis for human and humanity

A person seeking to learn is always new, so what to think about of getting appreciated or insulted;

I apologize i haven't been able to clarify the facts according to your thought.

The entire world is your, only till we are alive

I apologize for your misconception. I do not enlighten you. You did not come here to learn about our Republic. You came as a troll for new world order.

I do not see a seeker of wisdom only a purveyor of collectivism as in communism or corporatism.

Good command of the language, and you dropped the Mr. Now seek to get into the world of individual freedom as opposed to indentured and subject.

Thank You ! You are right, i came to learn about the great Americans visions for peace and solidarity, not as a troll for new world order, but it is true changes are an essential aspect of natural process. 

No doubt, Individual freedom is the basis for the communal freedom. I believe, collectivism or communism are the mazes to embroil individual freedom. I am just trying to get the facts that would secure the safety and the morality of our oncoming generation.

        In fact, i am not a preacher or a leader seeking to force a new world order. I am an ill educated building laborer from footpath of India, and my vision is dedicated to help the world’s leadership and all leading religious instructors who thirst for a unanimous conclusion for global security in the current predicament of nuclear proliferation, terrorism and war. Our goal is to separate the religious definitions from the mazes of political issues that creating the basis for terrorism and war. Presently terrorism constitutes the worse aspect of those using religious teachings for worldly advantage and private interest. Instead of following religious teachings, they are concealing their crimes against humanity internationally, while at the same time altering the definitions of faith, ethics, and conscience. “Religion is for man and not man for religion.” Humanity must be saved from both the horror of “terrorism” and the panic of “counter terrorism warfare.” Although the words expressing our religious beliefs may be different, the meaning is the same for everyone.



    In these circumstances, power of wealth and military power are not great enough for any country, organization, or group engaged in the mission to uproot the basis of terrorism. Rather, the entire world needs an intellectual power to counter the thoughts and views that create the basis of terrorism, religious fanaticism, and religious conflicts that separate the life of humankind. We will have to explore beyond our inherited system of thoughts to uproot the basis of terrorism, without any violence and within the confines of a tight budget. We believe prevention of war and terrorism would help the world community to pay their deep attention towards the problems that emerging as poverty, Global warming, lethal diseases and pandemic.



         Our petition "" requests that the world literate community and members of the “Counter Terrorism Committee” of the United Nations to approach world leaders, noteworthy religious thinkers, and prominent intellectual figures to develop a unanimous resolution to all religious conflicts that are currently causing terrorism and war. To reach this essential and achievable goal, they will have to unify all religious thinking into one universal idea that accords with scientific insight and the history of mankind on earth. The conclusions of this universal system of thought will be expressed not only without disgracing the numerous belief systems of mankind, but also in literary forms in the realms of global scholarship.


       There is no doubt that the greatest aspect of literature is that it enthralls our mind and spirit from childhood to the end of our lives. It is a major part of our intellectual heritage, as important as our scientific and technological heritage; it influences our system of thought and throws into relief our genetic nature. It is the treasure house of human wisdom that guides our lives toward whatever final home our religious or spiritual beliefs direct us.

         I apologize if i had been wrong to understand the human perception. i have tried to reveal the graces of literature that would help the world literate community not only to raise new hopes, but also develop novel aspirations in working towards a common citizenship of all peoples and faith based on social responsibility and solidarity. This is the greatest contemporary need and the most important issue of current times.


Thanks for the time and review. Indeed glad to meet you. Thanks again.

you are full of shit!! Just a plain old Indian laborer that just happened to wind up in America Land of the free and home of the brave. Formerly.

If you are here to learn shut up and listen and read and learn. But, you are not! you're just another agent provocateur, a plant and a liar.

I'm done with you. PC suck butt.

Nothing is above the time. Land of the free and the home of brave. Yes it is !

Land of most people in thralldom of the profession of lethal arms. Human with high scientific insight, but some without sacred spirit, disgracing the basis of humanity worldwide. Never mind it is a part of human nature.

It is not important who am i, it is important with whom am i,

We know to respect, to get respect, We do not like to force to follow my side,

Where is freedom, when you are asked only to listen to learn, not allowed to discuss or ask about the facts ?

I am not a liar or what you mean agent provocateur. Morality stands for no mean for the thralls of vanity that .leads us to the darkness of frustration in actual fact.

You have to know that Ajay is showing us how a Socialist is actually taught to think this way. He is a product of India and Hinduism that teaches peace, social responsibility, (Socialism) and the notion that we are all one community, (Communism).

He has been TAUGHT these things. His goals are based on those teachings. If he were a plant or a shill for the opposition, I would eliminate his presence here. However, he does not exhibit these tendencies.

He has a One World viewpoint, but it is somewhat different than The New World Order crowd. If it appears not much different, it's because of his environment. Let's try to have some patience and let him speak his mind and express HIS goals for the world, (which includes you), without lowering ourselves to simple insults. 

Remember two things;

"Keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer." And;

"You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar,"

Oh ya and more thing, I am in charge of vetting the members of this site. Let me do my job and you keep bringing us great info like you have been. Your a good egg Charlie Brown. Don't let your emotions rule your tongue. Thanks!


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