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Estimates show more than 58 percent of  231,556,622 eligible voters went to the polls during the 2016 election. Only 134,302,828 voted and 97,254,780 didn't even bother to vote.

65,844,969 voted for Hillary and 62,979,984 voted for Trump and 97,254,780 didn't vote for either.

The people of the states need to be given the choice of voting for a republican, a democrat or a candidate representing those with no party affiliation.

Requiring your state legislature to have primaries that choose a republican, a democrat and a candidate with no party affiliation would restore to the people the ability to elect candidates that represent the people rather than the republican and democratic parties.

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In state primaries a the candidate with the most votes from the republican party, the democratic party and the candidate representing the voters with no party affiliation will meet in the General Election.

The best way to restore our republic is stop re-electing incumbents. If Congressmen knew that they not be re-elected they could concentrate on representing their constituents rather than on soliciting donations from Wall Bankers and Corporations.

If Congressmen dedicated their time and talent to represent the people rather than on raising money for their re-election they could vote their conscience.

As long as we continue to re-elect incumbents we will continue to see more and more regulations and higher taxes.

Of the 435 representatives in Congress 393 of them ran for re-election. Five of them lost in the primary in 2016 and 8 lost in the General Election. Incumbents are re-elected 98% of the time.

Once elected to Congress. the representatives become an elected oligarchy of the financial elite that stay in office for the rest of their lives. Elections have become of a coronation,

Composition of the Oligarchy at the end of 2017

  •     3  Representatives have served for over 40 years,
  •    48 Representatives have served for over 30 years,
  •    85 Representatives have served for over 20 years. 
  •  305 Representatives have served for over 10 years .

These are not statesmen, they are career politicians who represent the Wall Street bankers and corporations. In order to drain the swamp, we the people must stop electing incumbents who have served in Congress a maximum of 4 years.

We can impose term limits when a sufficient number of voters will just say no to career politicians.

Of the 435 Congressmen and women in 2016,  393 sought re-election and 97% of them were re-elected. In the Senate 27 of the 29 Senators who sought re-election were re-elected. Four out of five incumbent Governors were re-elected. In order to regain control of our legislature we need to refuse to elect candidates who have served more than two terms in office.

Seniority in the House of Representatives

Yes, unless they are like Trey Gowdy, who will get answers! Too bad he's out of the House, having served 8 years...


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