We no longer enjoy our God given rights because we have been betrayed by the very men and women whom we have elected to serve us. Our rights are now privileges granted to us by a government that sold them to the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

As long as the financial elite are able to purchase the services of politicians by funding their elections, we the people will continue to be exploited by the men and women we elect to serve us. The Wall Street corporations donate an average of a million dollars every two years to purchase the services of politicians who are willing to sell out the people they were elected to serve. The only way to end the legalized bribery is to make it unlawful for corporations to donate money to political candidates or political parties.

The United States of America are now the Disunited States of America because political parties have divided the people into self serving special interests groups that are intent on picking the pockets of their political opponents before their pockets are picked.

Political parties are used by giant corporations to promote the agenda of the financial elite. As long as politicians are rewarded by the political parties for violating the Constitution the crime and corruption will continue unabated. 

Corporations are not people and they do not have rights, they only have privileges granted to them by the government. Instead of protecting the people from the abuse of power by corporations our Congressmen have climbed in bed and become their business partner.

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So now that we have recognized the problem... what are We the People going to do about it? 

Promote the promotion of community.

If we can agree that it is our mission to work to restore our Constitutional Republic then we must also recognize how critically important it is to work together despite our individual focus.

We need leaders that are willing to reach out to other leaders…All other leaders need to do the same.

Every group needs to be encouraged to create structure. Every group administrator needs to dedicate a portion of their time and online presence to support community at the community level by supporting groups that do the same.

Most national efforts are a waste of time, resources and money that leads to continued failure and additional frustrations that leave people believing they are beating their heads against the wall and this frustration causes people to quit. We need to stop engaging in things that make us feel like we are wasting our time.

Money and donations needs to be spent at the local levels. Targeted marketing campaigns need to focus on community.

Groups that already have structure need to assign people the duty of seeking other groups and working with other administrators to encourage them to do the same.

It doesn’t matter what we are doing in our individual groups, it only matters that we start assembling.

Promotion and cross-promotion are critical to the development of community everywhere.  

If I ran a group that had 8,000 members I would ask for volunteers. Of these volunteers I would ask them to assemble a team that would work together to seek out and find groups of every size and shape that had an interest in restoring the American Constitutional Republic and to report those results back to the site administrator so they could be assembled by state and county and published. 

Publishing these results will help others find support and strength at the community level.

If every group that is interested in restoring the Republic published this list, the publishing would help the people find other people regardless of the individual group they may have been originally involved with. 

I am only concerned with ONE group and that group is "We the People".

Those that chose to remain divided in support of a favorite group are working opposed to We the People. This is perhaps the best way to determine a person or groups allegiance. Any person or group that is more interested in the promotion of self over unity is working to serve the interests of the state and the continued oppression of the People. 

My concern is 'only' for WTP! Unfortunately, "WTP" are sorely lacking in representation from the (s)elected in public offices.  WE are IT. I think the majority of WTP missed the course in community organizing.

Would these groups organize and support ideas like Apportionment which I think is a great first step to get back to our roots and have our voices heard?

We the People have all of us as representatives. 
We exist despite the government and it's (s)elected officials. 

I agree. We ARE here, and of yet are not a force to be reckoned with. I think due to apathy. For the most part we lack drive/focus/organization/cohesiveness. Our Framers were fresh from the bloody battlefield, and we, who have been 'warring' for decades with no real results, are battle weary. The drive was different. 

Ted, I think your idea is sound, however I don't know how to get us all together. I'm one out of 150+K in my county.



Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat do you think I'm trying to do?

Drive - Drive to your local town hall mtgs, the Governor's house, your Congressman's office, the Sheriff's office, your local judges house and  in the courts and everywhere else you need to go to make sure we teach the ways of Natural law and rights, with;

Focus - Focus first on Representation, then on enforcement. To accomplish that we need;

Organization - The kind that cannot be spearheaded by subterfuge, which means that we all have to be going the same direction, without falling under one umbrella; ("Never put all your eggs in one basket!") And then we need

Cohesiveness - This is the tricky one. I keep trying to get ALL of the CEO's of all of these sites and movements together on the same page, but it seems that everybody feels like THEIR answer is the only one. "Riding for their own Brand" as they say. SO;

You tell me who to call first.

I think that is one of the main issues Morton!  No one knows exactly who to call!  And maybe, just maybe there is no one (currently) to call that has the best interests of "We The People" at heart!

Don't call, join States United For Americans - SUFA, the 21st century Sons of Liberty.
Just go to Facebook and search States United For Americans.

States United For Americans - SUFA has the steps you need to Accept the Oath Of Office as a binding contract between YOU and YOUR public servants and begin saving our Americanism.

Join or re-join us, learn, then teach others how to STOP the insanity of ONLY getting the results of more progressive socialism and less Americanism, before the vain and aspiring kill it completely.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” --Samuel Adams, the true father of Americanism!

Just click on the state you reside in and could vote in and get ready to help save your country from ruin:

NOT the Facebook you are used to! Get ready to stop living from one crises to another and start doing something that prevents those crises-es in the first place.

I hate to say it Doug,

But we did that. It seems that org. is quite small and just getting started. They did not follow through with their process when I joined, at least from what I could surmise. If you can put me in direct contact with the creator of SUFA, I would be more than happy to consider their solution(s). THX.


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