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We no longer enjoy our God given rights because we have been betrayed by the very men and women whom we have elected to serve us. Our rights are now privileges granted to us by a government that sold them to the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

As long as the financial elite are able to purchase the services of politicians by funding their elections, we the people will continue to be exploited by the men and women we elect to serve us. The Wall Street corporations donate an average of a million dollars every two years to purchase the services of politicians who are willing to sell out the people they were elected to serve. The only way to end the legalized bribery is to make it unlawful for corporations to donate money to political candidates or political parties.

The United States of America are now the Disunited States of America because political parties have divided the people into self serving special interests groups that are intent on picking the pockets of their political opponents before their pockets are picked.

Political parties are used by giant corporations to promote the agenda of the financial elite. As long as politicians are rewarded by the political parties for violating the Constitution the crime and corruption will continue unabated. 

Corporations are not people and they do not have rights, they only have privileges granted to them by the government. Instead of protecting the people from the abuse of power by corporations our Congressmen have climbed in bed and become their business partner.

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What state, please?

Yankee, if FB is the only method of communicating or join with SUFA than regrettably I must decline as I do not Fakebook!

Well, the way billions of people communicate IS through social media and the largest social media in the world is Facebook with over 1.5 billion active users. AND it's free!

SUFA has a system setup to weed out spammers and trolls. The protocols are discussed and voted on by its membership, not Facebook membership, but earning being a member of States United For Americans.

Unlike most social media groups, SUFA want quality, not quantity and it tries to make people leave by forcing them to earn the knowledge they need to help save our country from ruin. Moving from the paradigm of
God, family, work, entertainment, etc... country, if there is time left.
God, family, country, work, entertainment, etc.

If we get 1 SUFA member out of 100 people, we consider that a success. We have been forming for 3 years and are in phase 2 of that growth. We WILL be the 21st century version of the Sons of Liberty and will remain non-political.

Trusader > I agree that FB is not good but it is and needs to be considered a means to an end. Any and every tool at our disposal must be used to bring people together. 

Yankee > FB may be free but it is being used to sandbox it's users. Your approach is very aggressive and forward thinking but I want to know how you (SUFA) intend to survive if this social media tool is taken away. This is a question posed to every social media outlet. If the Internet was switched off tomorrow, what then? What is the backup plan?

I'm not sure what you mean when you say SUFA will remain non-political when all political power resides forever within the people. I believe this may be a reference to the modern day political illusion.

My name is Ted Visner and I live in Michigan. My address is 856 W Cody Estey Rd in Pinconning, MI 48650 and my phone number is (989) 954-2814. 

I will be hosting meetings at my home every Thursday night from 8:00pm [EST] to whenever. Friday night between 9:00pm and 11:00pm [EST] I host the radio program titled "The 4th Branch" on the veteran owned and operated Patriot Watch Radio Network. 

I am here because it is going to take many of us putting our heads together to create a multiphasic approach that doesn't exclude anyone. 

drive/focus/organization/cohesiveness aka DFOC

Drive: The above official offices have been vacated! Subversives are working tirelessly to incriminate each and every one of us (ask me 'how' if you dare) by "Policing For Profit to fill the "For Profit Prisons" (corporate slavery). Confronting them is fruitless. Just REPLACE whenEVER possible. Rinse/Repeat! 

Focus: It's imperative for the sheople to cut the enterDETAINment umbilical cord which includes the following ORGANIZED Industries .. hellywood, media, sports, music, & government. I promise going 'cold turkey' increases you IQ! Find places like CC and others, and entertain your 'own' self and family like we did before the Government PROPAGANDA ARM came down on us. 

Organize: We're working on it here & w/groups listed.  WTP need to work as hard or harder for us then 'they' are working against us. We have the numbers just need to work on D, F & C.

Cohesiveness: Our mantra must be "God and Country before Self". For without the first two self cannot surviveProverbs 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

I call on US!

Correct.  It's imperative for "We The People" to VET all before casting our pearls! So, what would the vetting process look like for us?  What measures would it include?  

Examples of non-vetting epic fails:

  1. 8 years of Barry Soetoro aka B.H. oVomit
  2. 4 years of Raphael Eduardo Cruz - running (2nd term) AGAIN & now unopposed for TX Senatorial Dist.12
  3. Others ineligible to run for POTUS were Romney,Santorum, Kasich (filing error?)
  4. The current and last S.O.S of Texas are MEXICAN NATIONALS ??!!?? (probably DACA recipients) .. thanks you Rick 'Fairy' and Abbott.

The above list does not include all illegal (aliens) in our governments

When I was in LE every applicant went through a rigorous/lengthy application process/ background check to include family/drug/polygraph/medical/physiological/final interview with dept. chiefs before being hired. Why should the above mentioned subversives be ask to prove LESS? 



We don't have time to reinvent the wheel with the passing of every new generation. This is perhaps our single biggest obstacle to actually achieving lasting results. 

We need to draw from the examples of those working as the enemies of freedom that we face every day. 

In this example I will use the "POLICE". 

The police are structured by city, township, county and state. They all act and operate differently but work under the unified banner called "Law Enforcement". The actions of one department or agency are never leveraged against the entire group but only the local department. 

We must adopt this structure. 


In this example I will use the "LAWYERS".

The first words out of every lawyers mouth is that we need a lawyer. If we hire that lawyer directly or chose one of his pals, that lawyer secured that business for the lawyer class. 

When people come to us as leaders, we must tell them that they need to associate with national groups that are focused on community and have some examples ready to give to them.

We must adopt this structure. 

I agree, and asap.  WTP need to work as hard or harder for us then 'they' are working against us

A page from the enemies book indeed...

"We need to draw from the examples of those working as the enemies of freedom that we face every day".

as well where/how they are funded...

CAFR! the devils are in the details. There are 54,000 governmental agencies INVESTING and hiding our money. Just one minuscule amount as it adds up to Trillions... CPA Caucus Finds Massive UW System Slush Fund

We are NOT broke.. I repeat, We The People, are NOT broke.

That is just one way they do it. IMF is another way. I think 17% of their funding comes from us, thats not including all the other foreign aid and federal funding of NGOs to implement bottom up top down strategies. 
I talk to someone with IMF. Our reset was planned for this year but they said 2021 now. She has always been right about everything until Trump got into office. There was a Globalist plan A and a Globalist plan B. He didn't go for either. It changed. Globalists are those who believe in corporate installed Oligarchies over nation-state governments. They take sovereignty through the multi-national trade agreements. They aren't about free trade. They are meant to "equalize" economies. NAFTA was a framework not a finished product. Under Obama  it had expanded to be all of the America's as an economic zone. The real reason BRIC was established. The Globalist from IMF had been explaining this all to me for over a year. It took me 6 months to finally really grasp what she was saying in its entirety . Until The Fed is dealt with I don't see a way out even then the disruption in our monetary system would be horrific.  The reset was planned in 1964 and reaffirmed again when Nixon terminated the Bretton Woods agreement. It was supposed to happen this year, their 4 years off the mark last I heard. She posted the debt clock in Feb we were days from hitting 20 trillion. It was at 19,989........  People like her had their US stocks set to convert to other currencies when we hit this milestone. This is the "correction" we keep hearing about. Before we didn't hit  the magic she and her family posted and talked about it all the time. There is no way of getting out of a reset of the dollar at some point. After Trump won they assumed that we'd be the economic NAU but remain the benchmark currency and petrodollar. She said they couldn't bring Mexico to parity  with a Trump win so they'd just merge us and Canada & bring Mexico in around 2029. Well after WEF she said 2021 had been more firmly established as the date but it would be a true currency conversion to make US goods more globally competitive...  
When we were days from hitting she posted our debt clock and said watch it hit 20 trillion, at this point US debt has surpassed GDP no nation that has hit this milestone has survived. Will the Americans surprise us again? I was freaking out. I said you said 2021! She said a great economy doesn't die over night. I know your looking for a singular event that nor the way it works. It happens with a series of shocks.. the first shock would have been hitting 20T and as far as I know it still will as high end investors have it set to convert to other currencies.

She won't answer a single question now and after them spending 7 years removing layer after layer of investment out of the US, they're opening an investment firm here she just posted that and had been silent about it when she had talked about it weekly for over a dang year..  I started watching the debt clock at that point very closely as far as the debt went. It keeps backing up. In February our GDP was at 18.3 trillion. It is now over 19 trillion closing the gap between  debt and GDP significantly but we still aren't there. Watch this because it doesn't make sense unless a lot is being moved around back into our coffers. It says spending is up 128% and GDP is only up 103% but we still haven't hit 20 trillion in fact every few weeks it has gone backwards and that gap has made significant  progress in closing between debt & GDP .7 trillion in just 3 months PLUS not hitting. Thats close to a trillion dollars.  
Hitting 20 trillion will start the dominoes falling if they're still going to do this in 2021. That is preferable to hitting 28 trillion and them merging all the central banks of the America's. . There is no way around it. Obama Admin spent us to the end of our cycle early in 2014 so if they lift the QE we'd have 643% inflation.
Side note, our SS has never been a part of the general fund it is in IMFs this is why corporations have personhood or rather we are corporations people can't be taxed per the constitution. Your birth certificate, credit cards etc.. are in all capital letters. That is our bond and what really backs a nations debt/currency  is our properties labor etc. at some point. Some say 1933 but IMF wasn't founded at that point they are tied to the central banks too though so there is truth in it.
I don't do a great job of explaining it but with the big picture it makes sense.I had heard something like that and thought it was hyperbole. Now I'm not sure.   There was no personal income tax until The Fed was established.  If we understood the extent of how much we were duped! I didn't think much of it when she told me they didn't have birth certificates but now I'm understanding why it is why "constitutionalists" who follow the law voted for Citizens United. It isn't that a corporation is a person, it is because people are corporations by law! There were jokes about owning us, I didn't think it was literal.  Could be all of our assets if we even have any when this is over. 

This is so much to explain. She has told me so much and she was never wrong until Trump won the election. Studying the debt clock alone just in the past few months has been eye-opening. How the heck are they doing this? 2008 was when it really happened. She said at first they were terrified capital would dry up but it had recovered nicely by 2010 NOO government dependence was more important to Obama. In fact we had so much capital the banks could house it all. This was what all the cash payments going around really were. She said we have NO IDEA a the amount of corruption. Business isn't the whole problem. It is a handful of multinationals who want to kill smaller guys. Dodd-Frank killed 2,000 smaller institutions. We can't keep advocating for things that strangle the little guys. Sam Walton would be proud. Obama Clintons  Bush  and anyone who has been to G20 knows about the reset. Possibly even WEF.  I'm not sure all politicians do but I'm assuming at the very least the more seasoned ones do. I'm scared. If 7 billion people get that fiat currencies and the nature of central banks are the problem there would be an outright revolt so they'll need something to blame it on. Central banking cycles are 125 years maximum ours was shortened. Maybe they will blame the debt around the world and use as an an example. That is closer to the truth. I hope so but I'm not sure. People in most countries will take US dollars over their own currency. As it starts to dive and all that needs to be absorbed into our economy we could face hyper-inflation.

She said that was one thing they didn't think the USA would do is print that much friggin money with nothing to back it up. although they couldn't make us an economic zone if it wasn't that high so she is fibbing to me about being against that. Globalists call us North America all the time already. Listen to them even on the news. A lot of professors call us that too. They're drip drip dripping it on us until it sounds normal. She said it wouldn't be officially announced for about 10 years (5-6 years after our reset) when Asia coalesces.By then it would be obvious we'd been working as a single  entity.  The one currency won't be until the next cycle. I'm assuming 80-100 years unless they speed it up. She doesn't have kids yet and said it would be in her grandchildren's lifetime. It isn't even the look of currency that changes, it is the underlying value and structure of the currencies. As our dollar collapses ( by design) the times cash won't be available debit etc.. won't work is as they merge the 3 central banks and change the underlying values and structure of the currency.. They might say oh banks were hacked. My biggest fear is they'll do something worse to blame it on. 
This was way too long sorry but you're right. How could they basically recover a trillion dollars in 3 months if there wasn't a massive amount of skimming? Watch the debt clock for yourselves. I wish I had taken a picture of the GDP in February. I would encourage others to video and track this too. 

Your information is correct, but you underestimate the power of the NWO. Their plan is to simply move to electronic digital money and severely reduce world population.

SUFA is now raising money to develop and get hosted our own website. There will be a .com for recruiting, etc. and a .org as a premium site for members only.

As we grow, we know that we will be attacked by the so-called establishment and it may become necessary fight Facebook and the many other Social media that we will appear in. Our membership have all been encourage to get on Skype or some other form of contact method and our leadership have been encouraged and helped to have at least 2 users in any social media so that if one gets put in "jail" the other can be used to keep going. Some have 3 or 4. Also we have a contact list of email addresses to inform of changes to our protocols.

As far as not being "political'. That is meant to mean we do NOT push or will allow the pushing of a political party and/or just become another FB Group, preaching mostly. Seems that most people know what we mean when we put it that way. SUFA knows that as long as obedience to the Oath of Office is priority on every decision a public servant makes, what political affiliation their are, does not matter one wit. Parties were not developed by the Constitution.

The best way to get a handle on SUFA is to become a member, not a Facebook guest, but a real SUFA member. One can always leave.


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