We no longer enjoy our God given rights because we have been betrayed by the very men and women whom we have elected to serve us. Our rights are now privileges granted to us by a government that sold them to the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

As long as the financial elite are able to purchase the services of politicians by funding their elections, we the people will continue to be exploited by the men and women we elect to serve us. The Wall Street corporations donate an average of a million dollars every two years to purchase the services of politicians who are willing to sell out the people they were elected to serve. The only way to end the legalized bribery is to make it unlawful for corporations to donate money to political candidates or political parties.

The United States of America are now the Disunited States of America because political parties have divided the people into self serving special interests groups that are intent on picking the pockets of their political opponents before their pockets are picked.

Political parties are used by giant corporations to promote the agenda of the financial elite. As long as politicians are rewarded by the political parties for violating the Constitution the crime and corruption will continue unabated. 

Corporations are not people and they do not have rights, they only have privileges granted to them by the government. Instead of protecting the people from the abuse of power by corporations our Congressmen have climbed in bed and become their business partner.

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My number is (989) 954-2814
and I am looking for feedback and suggestions on how to best achieve the goals of restoring our Constitution and the American Republic.

Peace and God Bless


I encourage all folks that are for gay marriage, against gun rights, who want our borders to stay as they are, and anything in that direction to join End Citizens United. Our prosperity will love the New Mercia we leave them .

Let's leave our prosperity, The America that Natures God allowed us to have, AmercaAgain is the plan, and with your help we can restore America. I ask that today after you watch, As The World Turns, that you listen to this podcast.


Billy, now that's just silly .. any self respecting 'Soap Fan' knows ATWT is on during the week, or so it was 30 years ago. I'll get back with more after I hear the podcast.  

Thank's for Shakin me, I forgot what day it is !

DWTS's could be on today ?!? as IF I care what idiot's dancing with what 'other' idiot.

I'm back.  Yes, we have a Constitution full of options to rescue ourselves from the District of Criminals swine. Sounds like Ted Visner and Scott Scharpen (of thirty-thousand.org) should combine forces with AmericaAgain organizing all counties.  We all need to be on the Same Page/Same Book.  I checked Texas counties and Parker (me) is not available!  There are 105+K to my one. Where is everyone?

AND the biggest Corporation IS the United States, Inc. formed in 1871.
We now stand in NEED of experienced patriots, not the makeshift patriots most ARE.
History is once again repeating itself, were a small band of people work together to get the experience needed to rid the country they live in of tyranny. They were called "the Sons of Liberty" and were the reason American freed itself from the tyranny of a monarchial oligarchy.

A 21st century version of these GREAT patriots is needed to prevent the ruin of our country and the death of the Americanism our Declaration of Independence formed.

States United For Americans - SUFA was formed for THIS reason and unlike the Sons Of Liberty will not have to use any violence to do it.

So-called Progressive have been moving our country from Americanism to socialism for over a century and that wheel is what is rolling here.

Re-inventing the wheel is the ONLY way to stop that one from rolling, why, because doing the same things over and over again expecting different results is insane and what we have been doing all along. NEVER being able to get the results of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (Americanism), as the results of more and more progressive socialism occurs.

It is each citizen of this country's DUTY to be sure that the contract WE offered to all the states and accepted IS not breached, simply re-educating, voting and preaching to the choir has not and WILL never work.

We have been manipulated into a paradigm of God, family, work, entertainment, etc... country (maybe, if time allows). Until we dump that to begin a new paradigm of God, family, country, work, entertainment, etc. with true experience and real action the insanity of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results WILL continue.


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