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Dear Constitution Club,
After reading the member discussions on the Constitutional Club I though it important to expose when, why and how the American People lost control of their domestic government bodies, and to whom.
Studying the u.S. Constitution history is important to know where the People want to go. But to get there, the American People must learn their history.
The collective soul(s) of the American People as an independent society, declared their Independence from the King of England.The u.S. Declaration set in motion the u.S. experience to protect the living People from a government without a soul.
The American People know that all corporate government bodies will sacrifice the soul of the living People to increase corporate government profit, so the delegates to the Constitutional Convention, from all the united States for America, drafted a contract containing mostly positive clauses granting very specific rights of the People to the federal government.
To absolutely protect the People and their new representative government, a few negative clauses where necessary. The most important of these negative clauses is found in Article 1, Section 9, clause 8 which prohibited the united States from granting Titles of Nobility.
"No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state."
This clause goes on to state that no person holding an Office of Profit of/from our federal government shall accept any title of any kind from any King, Prince or foreign power, without the consent of our Congress.
In our u.S. representative government, an Office of Profit is an Executive Appointment, but does not include a Title of Nobility.
The united States President can make an Executive Appointment without granting a title of nobility to the appointee, but the appointee cannot hold an Office of Profit from a foreign power.
I simple terms, the contract protected the American People from being controlled by any u.S. federal employee working for a foreign power to the federal government.
The u.S. Constitution is hard to organize because there were so few words used to address every known country in the world when the contract was written, and any other country created after the contract was signed.
The first sentence in this clause address' the u.S. and the second sentence addressed all other countries.
Additionally to prevent future confusion, another section (section 10) addressed all States of the united States because of their foreign status to the federal government. The first clause of Section 10 prohibits States from granting Titles of Nobility. (read the the first statement to the parenthesis, and the last statement.)

Section 10.

"No state shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation; grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts; pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility."
In a nut shell, anyone working for a foreign power could/can not enjoy employment in any u.S. domestic government body without congressional authorization for their Office of Profit, an executive appointment from a foreign power.
So how did we get to today, with Obama, Clinton (both), Holder and many other attorneys employed by u.S. domestic government bodies while enjoying executive appointments from foreign powers, without u.S. congressional authorization?
It was the Civil War with an Attorney, enjoying a Title of Nobility, at the elected helm of our u.S. government.
For decades, from 1776 until 1809, the American People worked to build a country without using the protections their u.S. government elected representatives provided them, to protect the American People from foreign influence.
As the People continued to work hard on their personal property, and in their professions, the federal government, until 1809, was struggling to prevent a foreign takeover.
What the People of today have not been taught is that from the very beginning, control for our government has been up for the taking.
From the first day of this countries independence the attorneys have been quietly drooling over the assets of the American People.
Many of the constitutional framers were attorney/lawyers, and due to the vast riches of our continent, the domestic attorneys/lawyers already here worded the constitutional contract in a way to keep the American attorney/lawyer(s) in control of the new u.S. government bodies, while preventing the foreign attorney/lawyer(s) from holding any domestic government employment. That's an incomplete explanation as lawyers have not title of nobility but attorneys do. And as there was no formal American B.A.R., there is a large argument about who was local and who was foreign.
This argument about birth right faded as the age of this new country grew by number as compared to the average age of the criminal attorney group.
By 1809, Congress determined this country was producing its own crop of criminal attorneys. This segment of our population was born in this country, and after receiving a law degree, was willing to swear allegiance to a foreign power in return for an executive appointment also known as an Office of Profit, which prohibited the new appointee from holding any government position in our domestic government body.
As a few decades passed the signing of our constitutional contract, it became evident to the domestic lawyers in government that a constitutional amendment was needed to strengthen Article 1, Section 9, clause 8. This was done starting in 1809, with the 13th Constitutional Amendment ratified in 1812.
This new 13th Constitutional Amendment stated, if a u.S. citizen accepted a foreign Title of Nobility, without congressional authorization, that person lost their u.S. citizenship, period.
This loss of u.S. citizenship was recognized in a letter drafted and initialed by u.S. Secretary of State John Q. Adams in 1818 to a client and u.S. citizen. This u.S. citizen had been offered a Title of Nobility by the Imperial City of Hamburgh and wrote Adams to verify his position.
This simple amendment went unused by the American People as we are a compassionate People. But this contract amendment continues to cause fear in the B.A.R. community across this country to this day.
Throughout much of the early 19th century, this amendment was published wildly until the civil war. Thousands of original books contain the 13th Amendment, and a copy is in the possession of the British government stored in the Tower of London, or it was until recently.
By 1860, war was needed by the attorney group illegally working in our domestic government bodies, so with the election of Lincoln, our country started its transition into a corporate entity unrecognizable to the form of government created by our founding fathers, with the start of the united States for America civil war.
These government attorneys were criminal government employees willing to sacrifice American lives for corporate profit and this was exactly what the civil war produced. The attorney plan to remove the Titles of Nobility Amendment needed a catalyst, and what better subject could there be, to split our nation, than the one of human slavery?
Many Americans accepted the idea that it was morally legal for one slice of America's society to own the other. As the best way to conquer an enemy is to divide it, there was no more seemingly natural way to split the People, and thus the government, than to make the fight about human ownership.
Are all Men, Women, People and Americans equal? Is there a way of separating the men from the women? Or separating the races? Or the landlords [Another Title of Nobility], from the tenants?
The American People of today need to review their history to understand just how fast our country changed, who changed our country and how our country was changed. 
Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4, 1861, but most Americans don't know that, by March 27th of 1861, he had divided the country in preparation for the civil war.
What the American People had built with decades of struggle and sacrifice, Lincoln ripped apart in 23 days. How did I come up with 23 days? Here is a link to the inauguration
Abraham Lincoln's First Inauguration
Home | News | Books | Speeches | Places | Resources | Education | Timelines | Index | Search U.S. Capitol on Inauguration Day, 1861 Library of Congress
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And here is a link to a review of our nations history. Open this next link and scroll to the date March 27th, 1861.
That important date provided the catalyst for Lincoln to issue the first Executive Order in this nation's history. That was done on April 15th, 1861 and that was the beginning of the end of the American People controlling their government. Two years later Lincoln would remind the People that a government by, for and of the People would never perish from this earth. It was already gone.
That's right, eventually our Congress reconvened, but that was allowed under the military authority of the Commander in Chief, not Constitutional law.
The criminal attorneys had one of their own as the Commander in Chief, and that attorney group protected Lincoln until his life was of no use to them. Lincoln was protected through the bloodiest war ever fought on this nation's soil, a war which caused record daily casualty rates that still stand to this day. Our civil war caused human sacrifice for attorney corporate profit, with unbelievable casualty totals inspiring Lincoln to write the Gettysburg Address.
That speech was a review of Our Declaration of Independence and a statement that government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the earth. I think he was addressing his mistake.
The attorneys lived with this threat of government "by the People" for another 17 months until they could assassinate Lincoln.
The attorney corporate profits over this 17 months continued to grow as the American People continued to fight, while days counted by until the next election cycle.
(as a side note, confederate corporate profits soared too. Read the story on Capt. King, of the King ranch fame, if you doubt that statement.)
With their attorney boy (Lincoln) re-elected and the u.s economy near collapse, the criminal attorney syndicate group decided it was time to request from their u.S. Congress, under military authority and control by the Commander - in - Chief, what this syndicated crime ring had desired for nearly 43 years. They had Lincoln request another contractual amendment in February 1865.
This amendment was the Slavery Amendment which Lincoln allowed to be numbered the 13th constitutional amendment by mistake. I feel this request was actually drafted by one of Lincoln's aids for review and signature.During Lincoln's review he missed the substitution of a 3 for a 4 for the amendment numbering, so the request went to congress asking for the 13th constitutional amendment and not the proper 14th position for the new amendment.
I have a copy of that Feb. 1865 presidential request to our congress and there are only two scenarios for the numbering request.
1) The first possibility is there was an honest mistake by the hand that actually drafted the request, then signed by Lincoln.
2) There was an intentional fraud by the actual drafter of this request, that was not immediately realized by Lincoln during his review for signature.
What I do know is that there was a 13th constitutional amendment in place the day Lincoln signed the request to Congress.
This Feb. 1865 request to congress by Lincoln, was the final task required of Lincoln by the attorney crime syndicate. I think this syndicate was once willing to allow Lincoln to quietly live out his life, but then Lincoln did the unthinkable.
He requested a correction or revision of his request to congress once he realized the amendment numbering mistake. I think he was assassinated by the attorney syndicate before he could make the corrected request, as he was simply killed in a theater with an excuse the secret service guard had momentarily left his post allowing Booth to make the fatal shot.
Our history shows that Lincoln's request for an amendment numbering change was granted by the u.S. congress. As proof of the amendment numbering change I possess an original copy of the Colorado Territorial Revised Statues of 1868. This law book was previously owned by the Montrose County Law Library until early 2000.
This law book was printed after an exhaustive review of the united States Constitution by the united States Congress granting Colorado united States Territorial status.This 1868 law book exposes the official united States Constitution listing the constitutional amendments in correct order with the 13th Constitutional Amendment shown to be the Titles of Nobility Amendment and the then recently added 14th Constitutional Amendment listed as the Slavery Amendment.
As Colorado was not a state when the Slavery Amendment was legally ratified, the drafters submitting the application for Colorado Territorial Status were reliant on the u.S. Congress to confirm the true u.S. Constitution.
Once Lincoln requested the correct numbering, he was an enemy of the attorney crime syndicate of 1865. Once Lincoln was assassinated, and the now 14th was in place by Dec. 1865, the syndicate realized through congressional control under military authority of the Commander - in - Chief, all was not lost.
Lincoln had enslaved all Americans with Executive Order - 1, so the attorney crime syndicate used by-laws of hidden government corporations to take control of all elected government employees and this is still the government method of operation today.
The by-laws of these hidden government corporations designate elected government officials (employees) as corporate board members for the duration of their elected position. I think some elected officials run for a position knowing about these hidden, secondary government corporation positions, while some candidates for public office don't know what they are getting into.
A basic understanding of why the constitutional contract was created helps to understand why it was changed in 1812, and why a small segment of criminals wants to replace/displace it.
To expose the readers to what is currently happening across this country, here is how Colorado is structured corporately.
The corporation name lists as STATE OF COLORADO publishes the financial report signed by the governor which is presented to the People.
The corporation name listed as THE COLORADO - TAIWAN TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT COUNCIL represents a hidden person (corporation) cooking a second set of books not shown to the People.
Company Details
Company Name               STATE OF COLORADO
Address               633 DENVER 17TH ST STE 1600, DENVER, CO 80202
Address Type    Headquarters
Federal Tax-ID  
Charter Number               19871751944
Incorporation Date          9/17/1987
File Reported Date          pre 1977
Phone Number (303) 866-5000
Business Type  
Group Information
Ultimate Holding Company                                                                         
Safe Number     Company Name               Rating   DBT        Credit Limit         Legal Count
US21454292        STATE OF COLORADO     52           3              $179.4k                 0 ($0)
These two state corporations are then followed by dozens of other corporations for the different departments within Colorado government at the state level.Then additional searching exposes all the other corporations at the county, city and town levels of government.The tactics used to hide these corporations from the People is childish in many ways.
Only a child would try to hide these crimes by simple non disclosure. This current crime syndicate is operating with its best chance of relief from criminal prosecution, if discovered, being the prosecutorial discretion of another syndicate member know as a D.A.
A search of one of these identities may list a directing board but no shareholders. Its the human owner of any corporation that gets the corporation started. Then, another corporation will list a registered agent and no board or ownership.
I am demanding my state law enforcement division investigate these crimes, but then there exists a hidden corporation for the law enforcement division. The attorneys have made criminals of the law enforcement offices.
These are facts the People can read. These same crimes are being committed in all states. A group I'm working with has found documents from 15 states. This is a small group of People, and the time required to track down crime in a state is the limiting factor for only having 15 states done.
Those corporate listing are straight from the D. & B. [Dunn & Bradstreet], data base and are about a week old. This information is not concocted by D. & B., but comes from the crime syndicate currently in control of my Colorado government.
I am a shareholder/owner of this corporation, but not officially listed.
As a shareholder I have the right to fire the board and the registered agent, to shut down the corporation of my choice and take the money.
This is why the crime syndicate hides the corporation from the owner(s).
I know you said a short statement, but with a nation that just celebrated its 239th birthday, this IS a short statement outlining the path to what is happening now and who is doing what and why.
When the People waste time on sex preference, race, marriage or other social topics, the government attorney(s) win.
Jim Porter

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