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The proper role of the government of the united States is to preserve, protect and defend the God given rights of the people and the primary role of the Senate is to prevent the abuse of power by the national government.

When tge 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913 the states that ratified the amendment surrendered their right to be represented in the senate and could no longer prevent the government from violating the Constitution.

The primary responsibility of the state legislators is protect the people of their state from the abuse of power by the national government.  When the states lost their sovereingty, the bankers and Wall Street corporations began purchasing the seats in the U.S. Senate to be filled with corrupt career politicians.

The U.S. Senators should be taking their marching orders from their state legislators, not the bankers and the Wall Street corporations. 

The Tenth Amendment affirms that the power and authority of the national government are few and well defined and any power not delegated to the federal government is reserved to the states and the people. The national government is supposed to be the servant of the states and the people.

In a democracy the elections are determined by the people, while in a republic the representatives are chosen the the elected representives of the people.


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To keep going over the same ground continuously, is to go in circles my friend. The "Problem" is established ! What needs to be done now is discovering ways and methods to fix the problem.

I suggest that we all contribute by focusing our collective attention on reversing the damage, and sharing our ideas on the quickest, simplest, most efficient, and least expensive way to get this done.

Lynn Bryant DeSpain

I believe that in order to restore our republic we first need to restore the sovereignty of the states and that in order to accomplish that goal we need to return to the states the ability to choose their own senators.

The second priority would be to shrink the size of the Congressional Districts and increase the number representatives.

You are, as usual, quite correct Lynn,

May I suggest we start by each of us, one human being per state, each with standing in their respective states, challenge their legislatures, through their local state legislative Representative to redraw their congressional district boundaries to circumscribe a limit of 30,000 constituents per district. Thereby assigning one Representative seat to each district in accordance with the directives CLEARLY spelled out in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, whereby;

"The number of Representatives shall not exceed One for every thirty Thousand,.."

The districts should be laid out in a square as much as possible, never to be redrawn in a Gerrymandered way, but rather to remain square inperpetuity. The empty seats shall only be filled with candidates living inside the boundaries of the district seat for which they are running. That needs to be etched in stone without exception.

The states shall then be entitled to THAT number of seats. The state election board will then be required by law to present the correct number of writs of election to fill those seats.

Congress shall then be required to "allot" to each state, the number of seats to which the state is now "entitled".

In Pennsylvania, if this requirement was filled, representation would increase from the paltry 18 we have now, to about 426.

Overall Congress would grow from 435 Members to 10,942 Members. That's an increase of over 25 fold. That means that each of us is actually getting 1/25th of the representation to which we are "entitled".


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