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In Adams County we had a shooting take place. 2 deputies killed a 62 year old  Rancher named Jack Yantis. I supplied to the site that the people who feel that justice is primary in this interest should be apprised of how to form and run a peoples Grand Jury. That law enforcement in this nation is now independent of the people and this should not be the case.

I can give to you the  story of the people involved but not Law enforcement as they have and continue to be silent on the matter. This does not mean that the Sheriffs department is stopping all evidence but as in all departments accrossed the nation they are independent in their investigations.

I as a practicing Constitutionalist (terrorist by the information supplied by the Southern Poverty law Center) Do approach this as a matter best distributed around the counties people because for them to have good law enforcement they must become part of the law enforcement responsibility., otherwise things like this can usually be swept under therug as is being done in other parts of the country.

I will give you the site and let you be the judge

thank you all for your time on this.

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