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One of our most fundamental rights we have is to own and dispose of our personal property.

We are free to use our time and talent to produce things that other peoplel want. That which we create is our property and  we can keep it, sell it or give it away.

A producer can sell that which he has created as long as both the buyer and seller can agree on a price.

If a buyer agrees to exchange a bushel of apples for two bushels of wheat, it is a  done deal. They don't anyone's permission to complete the transaction.

If either party is not satisfied, the deal will not take place. The government has no Constitutional authority to get involved in the transaction..

The Constitution requires the Federal Government to use of gold or silver to pay its debts and the states are also mandated by the Constitution to use only gold and silver to pay its debts.

We the people are above the Constitution and the state and federal government and are not required to use gold or silver to pay our debts.

A contract is a voluntary agreement between two or more parties that mutually agree to terms which are fully disclosed to all parties concerned. The contract is terminated if either of the parties violates the terms of the contract.

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