And United States Code backs him (the cop) up on that – “Title 18 USC 31(a)(6): Motor vehicle.— The term “motor vehicle” means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power AND USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo.” … did you catch that??? “Motor vehicle” is a CAR that is used COMMERCIALLY! I operate in the ‘private’ not in the ‘public’, therefore my activities or traveling is NON-COMMERCIAL! I don’t drive a ‘motor vehicle, I travel in my car! And I don’t have plates, I have THESE instead when traveling.

From an attorney “Paul John Hansen”:

A friend of mine went in to court arguing an aggressive “no cargo, no passenger” exception and he was approached by a Police Officer after the hearing.

The police officer told my friend in secret that if you are traveling and get pulled over we are supposed to let you go as soon as you announce that you are not for hire. He said that every state legislature has early bills that clearly state the “for hire” requirement to invoke the motor vehicle code. He then added that the statutes, which are not law, just reference to law, has conveniently removed /dropped the “offered to the public for hire” language.

My friend has won every ticket of no plate, no registration, no insurance, no operator license for the last several years. My friend wants to remain anonymous and wants to keep the Officer as a confidant.

I have recently tried to enter a Nebraska 1905 bill that said just that into a traffic case of mine the judge denied the exhibit, so now I am going back the the State archives and get a certified copy of the original bill, he will be forced to accept that evidence, as a matter of law. They gave me 90 days, and they know I won my case, stay tuned.

I, Paul John Hansen, recently put a Not FOR HIRE plate on my motorcycle and just last week a cop pulled up read it and then pulled around me and went on his way.

The whole story will come soon.

(Even if you have a state plate, by placing a “NOT FOR HIRE” below it legally takes you out of the scope of the Vehicle Statutes and Municipal Codes.)

by Paul John Hansen Source:


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