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The Sheeple Have Spoken

There is no better example of the mental enslavement and Marxist, Tax and Giveaway mentality in action, than the "Medical Model" and those unwittingly trapped within it. Think about it;

  • People go to the Doctors, who's motto is "First, do no harm", who then tell them to take medicines X, Y, Z, to "cure" their problem, which the doctors all know doesn't "cure" anything and actually CAUSES HARM!
  • Then, when the resultant harm arises, the doctors prescribe yet another harmful "cure", which makes the patient WORSE!
  • The patient is then trapped in a never ending cycle of destruction, which violates the doctor's first command,

"First do no harm" !!!!!

Yet the people themselves refuse to say Just Say NO! and


There was a study done which concluded that people will tend to believe or take the word of perceived authority figures, before the word of the average person, even if that "average Joe" is actually right and the authority figure is lying.

Therein you see the problem;


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Not really Jeanine,

It's pretty simple and straight forward. Each state has a legislature. Each Legislature has a redistricting Committee to approve allotments. Each state is responsible for redistricting according to Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, which requires that;

"The number of Representatives (allotted to each state), shall not exceed one (Representative) for every thirty Thousand,.."(constituents).

Since "shall not exceed" means "shall not go outside the limit of", this means that the ratio of thirty thousand to one or 1/30,000 cannot go up OR down. PERIOD!

So that means every district needs to have as close to 30,000 people in it as is practical and should also be square as often as possible.

So since we now are saddled with an average of 710,000 people per district, you can easily see the problem. This is the issue that needs to be brought forward to EVERY state legislature  and their redistricting Committees, by the people in the state who have standing to bring the issue forward. YOU are one of those people!

Nothing wrong with your vision.  At least your view is real and not some fantasy being sold to us by government.  I hope eventually Americans will respond to what is happening.  I can dream.  This Kavanaugh thing should speak volumes. 

I pray daily for this country and I have done so even when I hate it, meaning hate what I see that my anger is on fire. I have had to tone down myself, and turn to God. He is it. He sees it all. 


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