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We have the same thing going on here in Oregon, Enhanced Sheriffs Special Service Districts they are called, and in Washington County they have been used for years now. People vote for them thinking the Sheriff's department will provide better patrols for those rich enough to pay for them. This is a serious corundum as under Article 1 section 20 of the Oregon State Constitution it makes it clear the no law shall be passed that grants a citizen or group of citizens privileges or immunities that are not shared equally among all citizens. This is the great equalizer, to prevent a lack of equalities among all the people of Oregon, meaning in this case, the people of Oregon don't have to pay more to the Sheriff's Department for so called "special patrols" of their communities. In fact the very notion of such a law is illegal in Oregon.

Most citizens are fooled into thinking they pay more so they should get more, but that would mean that those who can't pay more should get less.This violates the equality clause of Article 1 section 20. It's illegal and unconstitutional as well. This goes on all over the country, and it's a gross violation of civil rights in every way possible. Pat Garett is the Sheriff in Washington County, Oregon, and I would like to address him personally at a VERY public meeting on this very topic with cameras rolling, and then post his reply on Youtube within the hour of his very public reply. If he says in public he'll get back to me later, it still goes up on Youtube, either way he answers, or stalls, and he looses face if he stalls, it will still be up on Youtube. I suggest that multiple camera's be used for this to assure it still goes up on Youtube.   

All for one ...and one for the one that feeds him with (paper) currency.


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