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Corrupt governments are able to do whatever they want as long as the people remain silent. As stated by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence,

"governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed."

When Congress passes unjust laws or "codes", we can either give our consent by complying with those laws or we can nullify their unconstitutional actions by refusing to obey.

The Constitution is a rule book written to prevent government from violating the God giving rights of the people. The Constitution cannot protect us if we don't defend it.

Currently our representatives are using their positions of power to abuse us. Corrupt lawyers, bankers and politicians are working for the Federal Reserve bankers to steal our lives, liberty and property. If we remain silent we are giving our consent to be milk cows, [chattel], on their plantation.

No man may be free unless he is willing to hold his government officials accountable. If Congressmen were indicted, prosecuted and sent to jail for violating their oath of office, future office holders might just change or go running for the hills. Either way we would be better off with some integrity in government.

Men and women who wish to see the restoration of our Republic need to:

  1. Become knowledgeable on the Constitution
  2. Teach your children, friends and neighbors about our rights and responsibilities, AND:
  3. Hold elected and appointed government officials accountable.

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"The American Government is a Criminal Network"- James Corbett
I agree they are criminals! But they are no government! We have no government to speak of! It is only just being formed! I am so grateful to the brave men and women who have worked behind the scenes to bring about an end to our slavery! We are all in this together and should do our part to help bring a swift end to this criminality!

We have no government, only a collection of corrupt politikrats and bureaukrats doing as they please and murdering and terrorizing those who actively oppose the oppression.  I am not physically able to actively oppose the tyranny due to being disabled by a severe stroke.  I write blog articles in opposition as that is something I can do to help.  Looking forward to being fully healed so I can do more.  I get a lot of pushback from people who don't like what I write and some who criticize me for not doing more but I do as much as I am able to do for the moment.  God bless one and all in the struggle for liberty.

You left out corrupt judges and supreme court justices who all should be tried for treason as they ignore the constitution which they are supposed to protect. We can't bring the ones you did mention because these pieces of crap will not prosecute them.

Robert, good point about the judges and I agree they won't prosecute the criminal politicians.  I was trying to be relatively brief in my post.  If you want a more complete list of the criminals I would prosecute read some of my blog articles here:

Just took a look at your blog, it is exellent


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