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I knew he was a traitor. Wasn't he the one that started the war to declare marshal law on the south? He took British money to keep the war going? After  the war, he sent troops into the south to detain and kill any who were southern sympathizers? Put standing Armies in the southern states? Make the south give up their farm raised goods for nearly free? 

Yep. And more.

I do hope I am not repeating myself.  Maybe(?) it was  on another site.

The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery.  The South grew cotton, vegetables, etc.  Up North, the Yankees couldn't grow their own cotton or their food.  It was too cold in the North.

The North had asked the South to send them supplies with instructions how to grow them.  THIS is what started the Civil War.  The North wanted THE SOUTH to pay for shipping to them + a Tax.  THAT IS WHAT STARTED THE WAR.


When the slaves were freed, many of them had white slaves. (Google it).

He destroyed our country. We are no longer a constitutional republic, since 1865, thanks to him. Look at our country today.

John Wilks Booth should have done his Magic much sooner

And to think we built a monument to this guy. Wow! To the victor belong the spoils, they say. And it is the victors who write the story, right or wrong.

Well, that is what they say anyway  If your referring to the Lincoln Memorial, I would never do it, but think about what an RPG would do to that


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