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Many people are unaware of what happened to Americans at the beginning of this year when they tried to stand up for what is right and our Constitution.

Robert "LaVoy" Finicum was murdered by the state police and/or our FBI on 1/26/16.  LaVoy and others were simply on their way to a meeting in nearby Grant County when this ambush took place and the FBI shot and killed LaVoy with his hands in the air.  

Not one person in the vehicle ever shot back, yet the mainstream media was quick to call it a shoot out. The only people I ever saw shooting were the FBI, or mercenaries, whomever they had there at the scene.  There looked to be about 15 of them on the scene ready for the kill when the truck LaVoy was driving, crashed into the snowbank because of the road block they had in place there.  

We now have 31 Americans in prison and 10 more awaiting trials on house arrest.  Many of our men still in prison were kept in solitary confinement and chained and shackled to benches.  All of these people were denied bail, denied their speedy trial, and are being treated worse than animals in these Prisons, that the US District Court puts them in.  

Some were even put in solitary and chain and shackled and left for days without food.  Many of these men know God and I believe this is what has made them so strong.

If interested in learning more about the Oregon Fight for Freedom, I have created a webpage and sub-pages about this event. There you can read about it, view photographs, bring up some documents and articles and even view videos.  I even have the video which shows the actual FBI drone footage of the ambush and one of the ladies in the back seat, Shawna Cox's iPhone video sync with the FBI's video.

This link takes you to my main page, but there are more pages under that. Use the menu to access them.

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What the Corporation 'gubment' has done in Oregon is indeed a travesty, to say the least. LaVoy Finnicum, father of 11, on his way to meet 100+)- people and the Sheriff in the next county over and was ambushed and outright MURDERED.
He was unarmed and apparently shot with a small caliber to get him to Flinch and reach for his wound. Reportedly some 13 "officers" or whomever they were, killed him needlessly.
Bundy is locked up in Portland along with Pete Saltillo, an Investigative Journalist, who was 'unarmed' .
No media reports are covering, or were covering this Federal, illegal, murderous action.
Rumor has it that "Blackwater" mercenaries were flown in from France and may have done the killing, as no decent American citizen would murder an unarmed man.
This cannot be allowed to stand without Patriotic Americans taking a stand . I sent Saltillo a donation to help him thru this unbearable set of circumstances.
G*d help us all.

Amen, and you are right about the Blackwater mercenaries.  We seen a video of many cars with foreign tags on them....I am trying to help many of them incarcerated, but my funds are limited.  It is hard because so many need help.  Our only hope is that only good come from all this suffering. Ammon Bundy and Pete Santilli seem to have good things to say about the upcoming trials.  I hope they are right....and God help us all!

Actually Timocracy is masked behind the fame of Democracy, that [is] disgracing the basis of [the] Constitution and [the rule of] law, throughout [the] world.

Timocracy, I agree is much of what is going on.  And you also have a lot of people who think we are a democracy, but we are a Republic. However, I think our government is more like an Oligarchy!  I think things are so messed up right now, I fear that we won't ever get it straightened out.  If we want our Country back the way we should have it, we will all need to come together and reset the government....Read what many people are involved with right now, "The Plan" and as many as 28 States Legislatures have already signed onto it....   This is our only way to prevent a Revolution, by doing it this way.  I presented this to many of my friends on Patriots for America's forum page, one being Ret. Col. Harry Riley, he said it is a very good plan, but is researching it further.  A lot of very good reviews.  This has been in the works for 18 months, as many militia and others were involved in getting this out there.  They don't want a bloody revolution anymore than the rest of us.  Check it out, there is a lot of reading, but it is a good plan.  I already sent letters out to many State Legislators hoping we get more to sign on.

Two thumbs up Patricia!

Just got this in my email....explains Why America is a Republic not a Democracy.


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