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Who created your designation as an American National; Or whatever you are? First people say you are not a citizen, then people say you're going to lose your citizenship. What citizenship? I thought we weren't citizens; just humans traveling upon the land, not "subject to the Jurisdiction" by being "resident within the Territory" of the "United States". So; Make up your mind people. You're making my head spin.

I am darn tired of people trying to instruct everyone or be right about how we got where we got and what to call it. The bottom line is. IT DOES NOT MATTER! Period. Even a six year old can tell when he's being oppressed or taken advantage of and that's where we are people. Who cares how we got here and how to change those circumstantial conditions "in law". I don't, but here is a video that might or might not clear it up.

We should listen to each other before we listen to someone who does not share our beliefs, but it's time for us all to band together. We need to have a cohesive set of defined values. We need to write them down, form a new organization and move forward with ACTIONS that are part of the SOLUTION. Actions like the following which I have already taken:

  1. I dropped my SSN like a hot potato;
  2. I have no SSN bank account;
  3. I will NOT register my car; I will not apply for a "driver's" license;
  4. I will not file ANY paperwork with PAPA government unless needed to defend myself;
  5. I will not pay "income" tax - EVER;
  6. I will NEVER be an "Employee";
  7. I will not go to hospitals;
  8. I do not have a "doctor";
  9. I do NOT have health, car, life or any other kind of "insurance";
  10. I don't take "medications" except Advil once in a while;
  11. I put my money in precious metals;
  12. Allodial Title is my only title;
  13. I have already rescinded my "Certificate of Live "Berth";
  14. I have filed my limited paperwork Affidavits with "PAPA";
  15. This is the last year I will "vote"; then that paperwork will disappear too;
  16. In short, I will not go quietly into that good night;

It is high time we stopped letting "THEM" tell "US" what to do.

Now who's with me?

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ALLOIDAL WHAT ?   Try getting that one past the counter trolls in Bergen County , NJ . Try challenging them of your right to due process and calling the Gestapo Sheriffs . Not happening .

Nice goi'n Mort but I couldn't get it done here . I've resinded my voter registration , That's about it .

Call it Title in Fee Simple, if you wish joseph,

It basically removes the insinuation of any Title held in lien or title in someone else's possession. Like the "Certificate of Title" for your car, for instance, which only avers that a title does exist, but is not the actual title itself. Many think this IS the title, but it is not. Allodial is an old word, that today is no longer in vogue or even recognized by your "Spell Checker".

The county trolls had me stepping quickly out the door after I researched all the way back to the original land Van Buskerk grant . Refused to let me file ; kinda got a real uneasy feeling . Pigs swerllling all around me .

One of the many reasons the colonists in America demanded independence which fomented into the revolutionary war was the property owner's lack of obtaining Allodial Title to their lands.  Many probably did not realize that all property in the world was and is even today held in trust via superior cestui que trust from the Papal Bull of 1302. The Papal Bull of 1302 has held the test of time and was never rescinded since. 

I strongly suggest one forgets about Allodial Title at this time and instead concentrate on a step by step process of notifying our state's government actors of their unlawful actions of breach of contract. Their contract is what they swore an oath to.  By lawfully and properly notifying these tyrants of their wrongdoings and also specifying how to remedy such via petition will start the ball rolling.  I won't go on and on from here but I suggest that you go to and listen to some of the linked radio shows, interviews, and conference calls.  These linked presentations will clearly specify the Papal Bull of 1302, the great fire of 1666, the incredible process to finally right the ship by directly and lawfully engaging with all (3) three branches of the current and unlawful fictional state corporate entities fraudulently acting as government body politic. 

Here's one link for convenience:

I still say let that Papal Bull Molon Labe, Leonard. That means "come and get it" for you non-Latin folk. If "they" have the balls to show up on my doorstep to cestui que, you can "trust" me Leonardo, "they" will not get far. And "they" can shovel that Papl Bull&*(^) all the way to Rome for all I care. So there! Molon Labe assholes. And thanks for the lesson Leo.

I know what you are saying and I understand what the word Molon Labe means even though I am an Army vet and not a Marine vet. ;-)

I truly feel these Luciferian pukes can be defeated via proper process and doing so by paper if enough people join in and act.  The Pope has the BAR association, judges, court officers, etc. as their enforcement arm to continue their rampant pillaging and raping of their assumed enemy belligerent slaves and the elitist bankers and politicians as their rudder of guidance of this pillaging and raping.

By exposing them via fervent, lawful, and peaceful action by enough people can and will eventually destroy them from within.  We outnumber them by huge margins. Once the Pope is lawfully noticed via proper action, you are correct in that he would not dare come here to claim what he deems his property.

Try This Linda, Just Click Here.

And in the future if you get an error msg like that one just do this.

Take the link and click on it. Then when the error msg comes up, go up to the HTML address box on that page and shorten the address in that box all the way back until it looks like this

- -

That should work and bring you to the site's main page and then you can navigate from there. Remember, everything past the forward slash is extra and not needed to get to the site. From there you can probably find what Leonard intended you to see and probably even more. OK?

Morton, You will also notice that Jon Smith, now known as November man has called out this ITNJ and their participants as being a UN front organization.  November man discovered Satcha Stone's (sp) 14 -15 years with the UN and the host and the Dr. of the above video are also UN participants.  Heather from the OPPT foreclosed on all government entities of the world back in 2013 and we truly believe this ITNJ is attempting to recapture what was lost and they are attempting to have participants sign a contract to do so.  I strongly suggest one to research very carefully before signing anything whatsoever. I also suggest that one research all the participants and entities tied to this ITNJ outfit. One will be floored at what they will discover. 

A word to the wise should be sufficient . OR wear hip boots !!

There are a lot of 'patriot theories' that people have made up to try and explain how the gov can appear to be ignoring the constitution and extend their powers [ state and fed ] beyond what is delegated to them.

This is another of those which, upon even cursory examination, is not founded on any constitutional foundation.

There are two unconstitutional methods the gov uses to strip people of their rights - intentionally acting on known false presumptions and coercive force.

If anyone studies the form of citizenship that is created by the 14th amendment and the actions of the gov on all levels, it is clear that 99% of what the gov is doing is constitutional under that presumption.

The fraud is when the gov imposes this presumption upon a white person born in a state.

Cases of coercion:  Instant civil forfeiture takings. This even violates the due process clause of the 14th amendment.  A taking of personal property without a trial first on which a conviction is attained is always unconstitutional.


In reply to this 

"A taking of personal property without a trial first on which a conviction is attained is always unconstitutional."

This is exactly how you know for sure that they are operating under Admiralty Maritime rules of engagement, because this is exactly how it works ON THE SEA. Not on the land and I quote:

"The Constitution...shall be the Supreme Law of the Land." - Not the SEA!

Solid proof they don't care one iota about the Constitution.

I have heard theories about how admiralty was brought on the land, but I have not seen where there is any constitutional authority for this to be able to happen.

When both the common law and even the 14th absolutely forbid a pre-conviction deprivation or taking and the case law all condemns it and it is also codified in the state and fed rules of criminal procedure and there is no constitutional or statutory clause that says, unless admiralty is illegally brought on land and imposed on these people it is ok to ignore the constitutions then the act must be illegal.

People often over look the obvious - blatant endemic gov corruption.


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