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Some bodies (corporations) are created by God (say "Billy Gray").  Others are legal fictions born of the state and owned by the state and are subject to the banksters' 'Uniform Commercial Code'  where chattel having no standing might speak but cannot be heard. "BILLY GRAY" is one such legal fiction.

So says I, Russell Patton Davis, son of Russell sir name Davis, son of Eileen sir name Boush, born in the Year of God's Word 1953.  
"RUSSELL DAVIS" will never speak to and can never be heard in a banksters court denoted by a sovereign flag hemmed-in, fenced and collared with something that looks like gold but is not - and with the collar on a leash of something that looks like gold but is not .

With open display of conclusive evidence, the officers of such courts daily perpetrate felony VA18.2-111 EMBEZZLEMENT of that public good known as the Constitution and the Statutory laws.  Also VA18.2-481(5) TREASON.

I don't know competently what AmericalAgain Mission means.  
I do know I respect what President Trump has done so far much more than I respect any campaign words I heard spoken in 2016.
I don't have the unreasonable expectation that Trump will right all wrongs in the USA.
Surely God will leave some good work for each of us. 

DRAFT Russell Patton Davis 109 Carolina Mountain Dr., Candler NC 28715 828-356-5237 March 16th, 2017
The Honorable President Donald Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President:
Having heard and believed your plans to restructure and optimize the executive departments and the government’s role in health care and having heard what useless things Democrats and Republicans were saying I felt compelled to normalize the rhetoric by working to cancel out of the problem description as many redundant or extraneous terms as possible. What was left seems much easier to evaluate and solve. Even so it became evident that the hidden presumptions needed to be examined for any party’s appetite driven bias and deception. The holes left by missing references to reality became evident. These I filled in to an likely sufficient degree. The result is a description of the necessarily proper legal underpinning for the herein draft solution to the ObamaCare/RyanCare problem ( in a mere 688 words) which also applies in many other places like ED, VA, Food Stamps, IRS, Medicaid, Medicare, The Fed! –-------------------------------------------------------

HERE IS THE UNDERPINNING. Bad ideas like ObamaCare and its kind appear to be clearly authorized NO WHERE in the US Constitution. Plus, Consider the rhetoric around ObamaCare & RyanCare: The language appears to be entirely poisoned with progressive equivocations and dissemblance. There appears to be no way the the current rhetoric can get us back to right. I think we may have to start from first principles to define the problem correctly and so arrive at a correct solution.


0) AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT IS AN INCORPORATED TRUST: Consider this: Republican forms of government are incorporated by the people as constructive trusts where ONLY the people who are its citizens are at all times the Government's ONLY beneficial owners. And the only sovereign owners (Trustors - Settlers) who can lawfully take up that vestment at the time of voting whether for elections, grand juries, trial juries or giving a single vote to their own testament. Slaves and chattel cannot have their testament heard even if they speak because their lies are all they can really own - even if that chattel is evidenced as being owned by a foreign power.


* Consider how a CHATTEL may be gentled on the way to the rendering .

* see your state's UCC including the history of repealed parts so you can see how the fraud turning you * from Gods' creation to being the state's created chattel has progressed.)
* But no amount of gentling words will ever mean that your witness as a mere chattel is truly heard by
* any officer of the court of a gold colored collar on some flags filed. EVER.
* NEVER answer anything that could be construed as being "Here am I" when an officer addresses you in

* the verbal representation that is the verbal equivocation of the capitalized version of your given & 

* inherited name which is a state created TRUST CORPORATION. Instead answer 'I am (fist given
* name), son/daughter of (father's given name) having sir name (fathers sir name) and (mother's given
* name) having sir name (mothers sir name) and born on day (#) of (month) in the year of God Word made
* Flesh ( #year number A.D). I overstand your questions and statements. I am here and speak to you as * SETTLER and Sovereign TRUSTOR of the state TRUST Corporation whose all capitals name you * spoke.
* In no way acquiesce to the officer's repeated or rephrased or abbreviated presumption that you are mere
* chattel which acquiescence would make everything that the officer says about you to be taken as true in
* a banksters' court of the gold colored collar on some flag’s field and that nothing you then say can be
* heard even if you speak it under oath since the oath of a state slave is meaningless in such a court. If you
* give in to the officer’s presumption the officer may lawfully summary execute you on the spot if the * officer can lawfully presume that you are just an ill tempered chattel.  
* Continued in the next text box as to build grounds for a strategy that will enable President Trump to both
* 1) do plain duty is sweeping clean the Federal Courts of the obstructors for cause of their law breaking * and
* 2) give end to the causes that make “The Black Lives Matter” folks incontinent with regard to their true * self interests.


1.1) At the times of electing the trust's officers the citizen-people are the trust's legal owners for the purpose of electing officers.
1.1.1) The limited and specific authority and the duty of the elected is sworn to for a term of office and only then do they become officers of trust and authorized legal owners for the trusts law defined beneficial purposes for the beneficial owners.
1.1.2) Any wrongful or fraudulent distribution of benefit to private parties rather than the whole class of beneficial owners is likely achieved by private law masquerading as public trust (general) law and so is a felony perpetration of VA18.2-111 EMBEZZLEMENT and VA18.2-481(5) TREASON.
* Please note that legislators are commonly immune from being criminally convicted for anything they
* SAY in legislative session but not for anything acted or enacted. As agents and representatives of the * sovereign people that elected them criminally acting legislators may be indicted and tried in many
* local jurisdictions. It is fitting that state governors and the POTUS make liberal use of PARDON upon
* the virtue of PAROLE OATH. Perfection may not currently be expected of humans – but sincere
* diligence rightfully is since it avoids criminal negligence. Please note that there is no statute of
* limitations – even in the death that everyone faces. Proper pardon that “faithfully executes the laws”
* should be widely sought and widely given and as soon as possible in all cases. The “Go & Sin No
* More” solution demonstrated by Jesus is too immensely practical to continue ignoring while our state
* and federal Constitutions enable it. Please note that officers of the court commonly have immunity
* in administering their office’s oath bound duty. Yet when they leave those bounds (as they daily
* conclusively and openly evidence) under the mere color of their office their immunity only exists
* because of their RICO gangs deep set of mutual imprecations. The only feasible way back to right is
* by the POTUS’ and the State Governor’s broad grant of PARDON under the virtue of penitent
* PAROLE OATH. Virginia’s Cory Stewart, Emmanuel Peter and/or Denver Riggleman as Governor
* could be very useful to you considering how you might be able to use Virginia’s law in its cleansed and * properly lawful courts. Given your rate of accomplishment you might find the time and utility to even
* moderate a debate between Virginia’ gubernatorial candidates.

BENEFITS (Payment for service rendered to the trust cannot be a benefit but can be a commerce defined duty.):
1.1.3 Because of its great economy and increasing yields the distribution of *Public Goods* are the first duty of the officers of trust. Public Goods benefit all legal beneficiaries and are more valuable to the beneficiaries as a whole and to each individual beneficial owner the more widely and fully it is possessed by each beneficial owner.
1.1.4) One such Public Good benefit is the law and the security it provides against all manner of boundary violators and usurpers. Good commerce cannot prosper without public goods.
1.1.5) Public law may distribute a private good to the individual human body of a beneficial owner so long as the distribution is equally distributed to all the trust’s beneficiaries in the public. Such is properly considered a DIVIDEND from the operations of the incorporated government to each equal shareholder-citizen in its sovereign legal owner capacity.
1.1.6) This 1.1.5)is not apt to be economical unless some public good arises from that distributed private good.
1.1.7) Reducing the invasive proper-boundary violating nature of government is one such public good. The distribution of a self-managed Health Care Trust Fund to each beneficial-owner can totally eliminate ObamaCare, Medicaid and Medicare. The Veteran’s Administration Hospitals can be reduced to near zero. Draft Legislation to achieve this attached in a following comment. The distribution of a self-managed Housing Trust Fund to each beneficial-owner can totally eliminate HUD and several other agencies. The distribution of a self-managed Education Trust Fund to each beneficial-owner can totally eliminate the ED and the wrongful public school system monopoly. An annual dividend from a National End-Use Sales Tax can eliminate the IRS & food stamps. As detailed in the to-follow post of Franklin Heath Care Individual Trust Act: The use of the US Treasury Note called the Franklin for these benefit distributions to the beneficial owner can be used to gently and profitably-to-the-nation establish the means by which we can become a five currency nation so as to reward domestic thrift and productivity while fairly protecting our country from a flood of repatriating dollars while once again offering the export to a grateful world the most honorable, safe and convenient currency for international trade. (US Treasury Note called the TON convertible to assets of several species (steel, concrete cement, grain, grapheme, etc. All commodities in which our countries natural wealth gives us some relative advantage.) While vastly deprecating the agency of the privately owned for private good, Federal Reserve Bank.
HERE IS THE DRAFT ACT: Cotton, Cruz & Paul get it kind of right, Ryan gets it all wrong. No one in DC seems to be getting mostly right.. Maybe the following draft legislation is more right than any other so far. Radically Conservative measures are used to create a result that will pull the rug from under Pelosi & crew. It appears we have time to get ObamaCare properly repealed. Politically speaking that will require a PROPER replacement, also. Please suggest improvements in the wording or content. The draft in a mere 688 words follows :
ObamaCare Repeal & Replacement Act
Franklin Heath Care Individual Trust Act
The Each and Every Human Citizen Individual Health Care Trust Act.
Congress Finds:
1.1) The conventional structure of the health care argument is designed to make the citizens lose to the legal-medical industrial complex that is ultimately bankster controlled hence functionally owned. The real parties of interest can be stripped of deceitful camouflage. None of the parties have any just reason to be parties if not for the #1 prime owner, that is the ultimate customer.
1.2.1) Every lie in health care serves to strip THE CUSTOMER of human of dignity and turns them by degrees into a chattel, into a legal person and not a human.
1.2.2) It appears the every such
1.2.1) possible economic transaction does that based upon fraudulent-by-deception use of the Uniform Commercial Code. Strictly speaking those who are knowingly party to that abomination are party to as many as seven criminal and biblical abominations as their professional custom.
1.3) This the cheapest, best and most health and liberty producing health care legislation to date will find that it answers all arguments against it having legitimacy. That is the legitimate reservation or argument against it must be free of factual falsehood, equivocation, dissemblance and logical fallacy.

Therefore Congress establishes:
2.) That this act establishes the bounds of the US government's exclusive legitimate interest in the health care
2.1) which is limited to the legitimate beneficial-&-legal owners(BOs) of the trust incorporated that is the only lawful government of the united states of America;
2.2) except minimally including other persons that are conclusively evidenced as being so negligent (liable or guilty) of their own health care that they are physically a health hazard to other proper owners;
2.3) and that except within the 2.2) exception all owner-beneficiaries of the trust will be exclusively authorized to *self-manage their own health care expenses* up to consumption of the balance of equity in that individual human health care trust. This provision 2.3) will remove most evil producing confusion within the heath care industry because the ultimate buyer and payer is the customer. Good stewardship and thrift in health-care self-management will now have proper reward.
2.4.1) Given the current expected value of the average lifetime health costs of legitimate owner-beneficiaries (very roughly $200,000) the treasury is here by commanded to issue a book entry credit into a trust account for every proven legitimate US citizen in that amount of treasury note *Franklins* convertible into Fed Note dollars at the Congress assessed *inflated value* of fed note dollars value for a basket of typical medical services as Congress may determine from time to time.
2.4.2) Congress also finds that these provisions gives BOs’ great motive to be frugal while making every investment in preventative health care the BO deems to have likely profitable consequence.
2.4.3) Congress also finds that these provisions make the health-care market customer driven (rather than attorney-AT(not IN)-law driven) and so competitive for customers is it reasonably expected to cause the cost of heath care to drop while its cost-effectiveness increases.
2.5) Value within the beneficial owners(BO) health-care trust may by the fully proper witnessed command of the BO be
2.5.1)bequeathed to another BO in last will & testament or
2.5.2)freely granted to another BO without compensation if the BO is over 70 years of age or,
2.5.3) freely granted to another BO at anytime in so much as the asset balance of the BO’s trust exceeds its originally granted balance.
2.5.4) Any party may grant money to a BO’s health-care trust. 3.1) The Veterans Administration’s Health-care service will embrace open market services for the veterans.
3.2) A BO in military service will receive a contribution to their health-care trust fund as part of their pay in so much as Congress determines.
3.3) Congress also finds that by this method the US veterans will become the honored customer rather than a grudgingly accepted expense.
4.) Congress also finds that now the government is largely out of the health care business except for the CDC and the military.
5.) ObamaCare is therefore absolutely repealed.
Drafted by Russell P Davis on March 9th in the year of God’s Word Made Flesh 2017
Thank you for your kind consideration of this offering. Russell P. Davis



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