Sharia Judges in America?

Article (comment?), by Gary Hunt - [Edited]

It is endless, pretty much everywhere I go, how amazing it is that so few people have the ability to see and discuss the problem behind the curtain (same as Oz).

How is it that the fiction and illusion that over 90% of the people believe to be reality is not what it seems? Why is it that those people just don't comprehend that the fiction and illusion is such a deceptive lie about everything we live and experience today?

Correct me if I am wrong here. Maybe I am the delusional one, but I believe that this is where we are:

We the people ordained and established a constitution for a government for our free and independent states to be included in the union of states in America.

The state is free and independent to the authorization of the people with the only authority to defend and benefit the enumerated rights in the constitution.

The Congress of the united states of America (usA), by an agreement among the states to operate a union according to a constitution that guarantees a Republican form of government that has a very limited authority and some duties, accepts all new free and independent states on equal footing to the union of states as this nation grows.

The Declaration of Independence, which is an extension of the Christian authority of the Magna Carta, is drafted by our nation's founders to stop the tyrannical abuses of the King who is greatly influenced by the money power of the European Bankers with their fraud and fictional money with the deception of the divine right to rule.

We the People in America fought The Revolution and won our independence to create our own union of states with the authority to defend and benefit the free and independent rights of people against tyrannical government rule.

The monied Elitists of Europe never stopped with their war on America and financed BAR Lawyers to take over the seats of government; to hijack the constitutionally defined government in America.

American Patriots of the day knew this and created the original 13th Amendment to lock these BAR Esquires from taking the seats of our government;

But they got a BAR Esquire Abraham Lincoln elected to the Presidency and destroyed the federal Government and Congress and eventually led them into a Civil War and restructured their central government into a private Corporation that looked like our Constitutional government; but it was not.

They assassinated four Presidents of the time who disagreed with the bankers and lawyers and attempted two other assassinations along with numerous other congressmen: 

Assassinated presidents:

  1. Zachary Taylor
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. James A. Garfield
  4. William McKinley

Attempted assassinated presidents:

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. James Buchanan 

With the power and control of these banking elites, they got their Central Bank on Christmas break in 1913 by a grand hoax upon America. They then set about to steal the Gold of America and replace it with debt notes. They controlled everything by money expansion, recessions and depressions until they got a President to change America from a Republic to a Communist Democracy, filled with agencies and an administrative legal system which simply franchised corporate States and local governments.

All of this happened to Americans while they slumbered in the fraud and fiction for over 180 years.

So we lost our Constitutional government system to the franchise corporations of the District of Columbia in the greatest fraud in history and the people of America do not know what has happened to them.

Our nation of states today is bankrupt with the debt money fraud, but you cannot find anyone intelligent enough to explain this, so that we can stand up against this fraud and prosecute the criminals continuing this illusion today.

The truth is that we are electing the frauds into these corporations to perpetuate the fictional illusion. The other truth is that all of these false public officials have to take an oath to the state constitutions because these government service corporations are creatures of the original constitutional state in order to exist in their fraudulent legal system.

I see the remedy as finding enough people to assemble this information into working groups to create writs of complaints to prosecute anyone pretending to be a government official.

Right now they are all violating the oaths taken to preserve and defend the constitutional offices and abide by the true law of the land. 

This IS the problem; Let's fix it.

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Not what joe?

Everyone should read this!

Read what Raymond, this article?

We the people are presently are having a Bulletless Revolution. This is what this 2016 election for President is all about. Do we the people select the President or is it the elite that select the person we can vote for? This one thing has come to light. The United States is being destroyed by the so called elect. We are no longer a nation of the people or by the people but we are now a nation of the elite/Godless Corporations. We need to repeal the Federal Reserve Banking Act, the 16th Amendment and most of all the 14th Amendment. We need to return power back to the States. We also need to clean out Congress. Now  question for all of you how can all of this be done? REVOLUTION REVOLUTION REVOLUTION.



Sorry M9 , TOO MANY THOUGHTS GOING THROUGH THIS HEAD AT THE SAME TIME . It's like scrambled eggs up there sometimes

There's no two ways about it . The entire " government " is fraudulent ; none of them can produce a valid certificate or oath , and they don't want to , need I say fraud . So drag every one you can before a tribunal and prosecute them .

Boy I wish I could remember everything you folks have taught me .  Politicians would be flying around like somebody whacked a beehive .

What happened to Sharia?

JFK issued EO 11110 and began printing silver certificates fait currency.
He wanted the CIA disbanded.
He wanted out of Vietnam.
He was 'capped' in Dallas in '63.
Americans need to vote on whether they want a REPUBLIC or a CORPORATIONAL form of Government. Everything is 'incorporated'. Police Dept's; Sheriff's Depts. EVERYTHING!

Where does 'Sharia Judges  come into the article?  I think the distinction should be made to improve the quality of the article.

Talk to the author Lewis.

This is simply an edit of one of the comments made in Anointing a King. It is not an article in and of itself, so there might be inaccuracies in his reply that do not reflect absolutes as a well written article would. It, rather, is one guy's words for you to see because I thought he made some good points. Do with it what you will.


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