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Our judicial system is broken

The primry job of the County Sheriff is to enforce the law by arresting those suspected of having committed a cimre in his or her county. The job of the County Grand Jury is to determine if their is sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed and the job of the Distirct Attorney is to prosecute the individuals involved.

Ultimately a jury of twelve will determine the guilt or innoence of the person accused of the crime. To find a defendant guility all 12 members of the jury must unanimously agree that the defendent is guilty of the charges levied against them. If a unanimous veredict is not reaced the defendant is presumed to be not guility.

The sheriff, the grand jury and the district attorney are three important pillirs in our system of justice. It is the job of the presiding judge in the case  to insure that the Constitutional rights of the defendant are respected. The judge is expected to be impartial,

Unfortunaely, these bodies who are supposed to represent the people are workign tor a municipal corporation in your county. Instead of arresting, indicting and prosecuitng those who violate the Constitution, they focus on arresting the people they were elected to serve.

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