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Practically everyone has a list of friends and neighbors who believe in the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. The Constitution Club is now offering all of our members an opportunity to have their own personal, educational website to promote liberty and the Constitution or for any other promotional purpose they desire.

Go to http://constitutionclub.ning.com/groups/group/new and you can create your own website and begin sharing your content with everyone on your contact list. You can share your wisdom, your opinions, articles and videos with all of your friends as well as over 4,000 other members of the Constitution Club and all of their friends.

You'll be sharing articles you have written or be able to promote your own product or invention with your friends and neighbors plus all of the 4,000 members of the Constitution Club and all of their friends and neighbors.

You can turn your website into a money making machine by selling ad space on your website to local merchants and there are many other ways for your site to profit. You can create a blog talk radio show and broadcast your message to your entire contact list, etc.

Invite all of your friends to become a member of your personal website. Your site will offer whatever product or service you wish to promote. In order to continue growing our membership roles, the idea is to have your friends and customers first join the Constitution Club and the possible increase in sales will increase accordingly for everyone.

The Constitution Club will be your host for only $5 per month. You can charge the members of your website $5 per month or any fee you wish. If you can get 100 members you will generate a possible cash flow of $500 per month and we can help get you started.

The cost is $5.00/mo. The product is a fully capable website, ready to be customized by you or your tech guru if you have one. The goal is to get you started. The reward is that everybody wins!

For more information call Keith Broaders at 951-260-7711

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Create your own website for your county and create a network for people living in your county. You can sell ads to local merchants and can provide local patriotic groups with the opportunity to promote their message and agenda.


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