This info comes to us virtue of The Blaze.

Well perhaps there is more to this story than meets the eye. If someone visits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave more than 400 times, don't you think we should know who James C. Hoff is? Interestingly enough the visits from MOST of these people, not just James C. Hoff (#3), are concentrated in a time frame right before and after the 2012 election. Shouldn't we find out why and what's really going on?

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I believe there is a plot to bring America down by breaking the banking system. After that takes place the rest of the world will come under a new monetary system which will be controlled by the most rich [affluent] in the world.

The love of money is the root of all evil. There isn't anything more evil than what this President is doing to the hard earned money of the working people. Our money is being sent to our enemies by the billions and Obama is no doubt part of the plan.

The big questions for all of us should be;

  1. Are the Republicans and Democrats on the same game plan?
  2. Is it a One World Order as told by a Prophet over 2500 years ago?
  3. Can it be stopped or is it just going to come?

It would be interesting to know that and why so many questionably loyal persons are in high places at the Traitor house in Washington.

Okay, I'm waitin'...who is he?

I wish I knew Elaine,

I can find nothing on the guy.

Ok Elaine,

Here's what I could find. Go Here for what appears to be the truth.


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