If a complete stranger wanted to borrow your car for thirteen years and instead of paying you, he sent  you a bill for thousands of dollars every year that he had possession of your car would you grant his request?

Most of us would never consider such a proposal and yet we allow the government to kidnap our children without the slightest hesitation.

The goal of the government schools is to deliver their curriculum. Instead  of teaching our children to be creative critical thinkers our loved ones are programmed to become obedient servants who salivate at the sound of the bell.

When you bring children in to the world it is your responsibility to teach them  to walk  and to talk. It is your responsibility to teach them the things they need to know to become responsible and productive members of society.   

Isn't it ironic that we can choose our doctors, but we can not choose our children's teachers in the public schools. Don't get me wrong there are many wonderful teachers who love their students, but there are others who are not worth of the responsibility entrusted to them.

If you love and care about your children you need to get them out of government schools and assume your God given responsibility to educate your children in the safety of your own home.

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Over the course of 13 years of attendance in public schools the government  provides the school districts with an average of over $12,000 per year per student. In other words the cost of a FREE public education cost well over $150,000 by the time the student graduates from high school.  There are 50 million students in public schools and the schools receive Six Hundred Billion Dollars from the American tax payers.

The 280 million people who have already completed their public education pay an average of $2,000 a year to fund the public education.

And, sadly, so much of that money goes to salaries and tidy pensions--NOT to the education of our kids. Money is God. Mayors, School Boards and School Districts will do whatever the State dictates in order to protect their $.   Without a proper education, the population becomes morally bankrupt, a people unworthy of self-government. And we're pretty much there now. 

Couldn't agree more. And, yet, hard-working parents still fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to enroll their kids in gov't-run public schools and Flower Child-run universities. Over the past 100+ years, Progressives have been spectacularly successful indoctrinating and transforming this once proud republic. If we continue to permit this leftist blitzkrieg, what precious remains of this constitutional republic will be dead. All we can do is individually and collectively resist, failing which we'd best have a solid back-up plan. This is why this bumper sticker still appears on the rear window of my car: SECESSION SOUNDS BETTER EVERY DAY.  Yes, I've joined the Texas Nationalist Movement. Haven't entirely given up the resistance to Progressive subversion, but I sense I am increasingly among the minority. I have no intention of going down with the ship. I urge others to check out TNM. The wise man keeps his options open and his paths forward clear.

Will you please tell that to the portion of my family that lives out there on the land known as Texas, where you are? They won't believe me.

Plse forward my comment to your family in TX. If patriots, I'm sure they will want to join TNM. Of course, it is remotely possible they haven't heard of TNM which is garnering considerable credibility and followers both in TX and throughout the rest of the country. Being a citizen of the People's Democratic Republic of NY, I can't wait for the resurrection of the  Republic of TX. Have already bought a couple acres there so I have something to go to when the rubber hits the road. 

Keith, easier said than done.  But it is imperative.  Grandparents must help.

The problem we face in America is that most people are unaware of the damage done to our children through the public fool system. Parents need to be educated as to our common conundrum. That's the starting point.

The other problem is that the people are so heavily taxed that most families can't take care of the necessities and their tax burden with only one worker in the family. Removing the demands of the income tax requirements is critical to getting people in a position where they can afford one outside worker per family. Unfortunately, very few people are aware that the income tax system in America is a voluntary system. Every one who is considered a taxpayer volunteered into that position thinking it was a legal requirement. It is my opinion that there is no legal requirement to volunteer to become a taxpayer.

If we volunteered in, why can't we volunteer out? We can, that is, if we do a little research into the situation and overcome our fear of being prosecuted by the IRS. Again,knowledge of where we are and how we got here is key to extricating ourselves from this vicious scam.

 "overcome our fear of being prosecuted by the IRS."

See, there too is a problem. Everyone thinks they have to defend themselves against the full weight of the Agency.

In truth, one must defend themselves ONLY against the person doing you harm. One individual at a time, you bring suit and criminal charges down swiftly upon the guy who claims to have the "authority" to do whatever is being done to you.

Badge numbers tell the rank and decision making power of each "employee". When you get to the top guy who claims to be the all powerful decision maker against you, that's who you file charges against; NOT the whole IRS, as the agency itself has no real existence or standing. The IRS is fictional and therefore irrelevant to any criminal proceedings.


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