Two Countries United is Better than One Country Divided

We are no longer the United States of America. We have become divided  into two major factions. The first believes in the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. They believe that the rights of the people can best be managed by an elite group of bankers, lawyers and politicians.

The progressives believe that individual rights need  to be sacrificed for the greater good of  the greater number. They believe that the government is the highest authority in the land and that the people are obligated to do as they are told.

Our nation is divided into two factions who are continually at odds with one another. James Madison in the Federalist Papers and George Washington in his Farewell  Address warned us of the dangers of factions.

Perhaps rather being one nation divided,  we should become two separate nations

Any of the other states who desired to secede could they join the republic of California or Texas. Any resident unhappy with the political ideology of their new state would be able to free to pack their bags and move to a state where their values were shared by the vast majority of the residents.


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We are not one nation indivisible, we are 50 separate sovereign and independent nations that have banded together for our mutual defense.

We are not one nation indivisible! We aren't even 50 separate sovereign and independent nations!. The Articles of Confederation style of government you speak of was abandoned in 1781 being usurped aka a coup d'etat by the royalist George Washington (who was related to the dutch king .. the ones that own the foreign country, Manhattan Island) and all (but 1) subsequent pResidents were related to Georgie boy which would make our form of a government a Monarchy. 

April 1989 it was registered on Dunn & Bradstreet as a RELIGIOUS NON PROFIT! Since when does a corporation !?!, that is a government !?! register as a church?!? Is it the church of Pedophilia? Is it a Satanic church?  Is it the church of Baphomet?  Is it the church of the Vatican?

There are 3,142 counties and each one of them is required to have a republican form  of government. We need to rebuilt our country from the bottom up, not from the top down.


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