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The philosophical differences between those of the right and those on the left on the political spectrum are so great that the threat of a civil war is a distinct possibility. With both sides unwilling to compromise, I think the best solution would be to convert our one divided nation into two separate countries.

Compromise is not possible, The only way to prevent another civil war is to create two separate nations.

Rather than having one disunited nation, we would be much better off as two  separate and distinct.  I think that California should secede from the United States and become a new blue nation and Texas were to secede and become a red nation the potential of a war between the states could be avoided..

Any of the other states who desired to secede could they join the republic of California or Texas. Any resident unhappy with the political ideology of their new state would be able to free to pack their bags and move to a state where their values were shared by the vast majority of the residents.

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Does anyone seriously believe this would work??? I do not. The Left wouldn't be happy with "half the loaf,,,,"  They want it all. I don't think it would accomplish a thing. 

i say it will work, and later if it comes to war we will fight, i sure do not want to be mixed up with them split now and what ever happens later deal with it then 

If they shortsightedly push for the "whole loaf", then the Progressives invite a civil war THEY WILL LOSE. And they know it. That's why they are doing all they can to disarm us. Not rocket science to figure this one out. Unity at ANY price is FOLLY. More to the point, unity at any price is Tyranny.

I hope you are correct Jim.  I have doubt as I see the "Left" as being much bigger than the "American" Dems. 

Not sure I understand your meaning here.

In my humble opinion, anyone who believes that what we are up against is a national conflict of policy and legislations they are being somewhat naïve but more so myopic. The Dems are only a battalion in this war, and it is a war. They are front that we see. It is again my humble opinion that this is just the tip of the iceberg. And when I see that tip I assume there's a huge base to this affront on our country. Communism has wanted to control this country since its birth. That's not new. What is new is their blatant demonstration of their goal. 

They're generally much more hidden. 

I think the very first sort of "out loud," indication of what is happening was Obama's "transformational" statement. I don't even know how he got into office. But that's another chapter.  

Surely Obama was not the first attempt, as has been posted here, as early as 1913 we were seeing the writing on the wall. We just ignored it. I'm not sure we could have stopped it anyway, even then. 

We're the partial fruition of that "transformation."

While we become absorbed with the Red Flags of the day, the whole Left is working against us with little to NO exposure.  Yes a m discussing here a conspiracy. A long standing commitment to take over this country, the biggest obstacle to globalist Communism in existence. 

I think the SPLC, the ACLU, the Sierra Club and counties others like them, are also part and parcel of this goal.  International Courts are important to it too. In Essence and in my view the UN is a huge supporter of globalist communism and we a great supporter of them.  We may well be financing our own demise. 

The UN and the USA seem competitors.  So as I think of the global community as a major business that the UN and the USA are sort of  fifty fifty partners in I come to realize that it cannot continue that way. One of the other has to have fifty-one percent.  Ultimately one decision maker can prevail. 

We have, as a country, bent so far left we are about to break our backs. 

Hoe ford Soros get away with what he does? Do you think could he could have several decades ago? I do not. how did Obama get away with he did, "unconstitutional" Executive Order, one after another. How does Hillary get away with she did and does? Do you think it's the American people that allow that?  

The infiltration and infection of this government has reached epic proportions. 

You and others may think I am nuts. But I do NOT see this as a national war for our souls.  I see this as a GLOBAL ATTACK on everything traditionally American. The more I read the more I become convinced of that. 

I believe this border issues are orchestrated.  It is an invasion intended to strengthen the voter roles of the Left.  What do you think disarming us is all about?  Did anyone ever here the SEIU guy, can't remember his name now, that said "We will use the power of persuasion or the persuasion of power."  It's was on Glenn Becks' FOX shoe and is online. 

What do think nationalized healthcare would accomplish?  What do you think abortion on demand is accomplishing besides a multi-billion dollar industry murdering and dissecting infants and marketing that? 

Does that sound like the America you know? It doesn't reflect anything American to me. 

I've likely said too much already. I will closes here. These are my thoughts popular or not. I just plead with you all to connect dots. The word "conspiracy" is disparaged because it a dangerous way to allow the public to think.  And it does take thought, lots of it. 

I'm not intending to offend anyone else's views in any way. In fact, I think most of them have merit.  So be kind if you decide to respond to this. LOLOLOL

Those saying it wouldn't work are correct. 

The progressives need those who work and produce, to supply what they wish to give away. Those in power on either side of the political ideology will not go along with this. They both rely on the people being split into groups and having their factions, so they can stay in power. Everyone can discuss ideas.

The truth is they have taken us so far into tyranny and slavery for all, that the only way to restore our freedom is a complete revolution and restoration of the original Constitution FOR and the first 10 amendments.

They should also put in the original 11th amendment to keep all the lawyers out. They are listed as ABA which means they are titled from England if I am correct. I appreciate if someone can correct me if I am wrong.

Actually and very sadly I believe you are correct.  I see no political or diplomatic fix simply because other than Pres. Trump (whom I seriously thank God for) who do we have in power that we could count on to  represent America and her founding???   

Actually I disagree on Trump doing us any good. He has not brought any of our troops home. He has done nothing to lower government spending. Hes has done nothing towards returning our freedoms that have been stolen, He has promised to sign law banning bump stocks. He has given hi blessing to any red flag laws allowing police to come to your home and seize your guns if anyone says they believe  you could have a mental issue and be dangerous. He has false flagged a Syrian government chemical attack so he could launch missiles to help Al Qaeda in their war against Syria.  He has deported fewer illegal aliens than Obama. He gave money to keep carrier in Indiana. They are using the money to Robotosize the plant and almost all the workers still lost their jobs. The only person we can count on to free us from this oppression is ourselves. We need to quit thinking voting for anyone will change anything.

are you on the inside of the government swamp or are you just fantasizing in the hopes that the socialists will take over everything?

I sure hope you aren't referring to me. I am most definitely not in the swamp and I am not a leftist or for the right.  I am for the Constitution and for liberty. I do not accept the premise that the federal government has any authority over me or any of us. The founding fathers did not give or intend for the Constitution to give the federal government any direct authority over any of us.

wss not referring to you or anyone in particular.  Your previous statements implied that President Trump has not accomplished anything good for this Country.  I do not believe that.  He is the only one attempting to stand up to those who would destroy our Constitution and the Country we all live in.  True there are a lot more changes which must be made in order for us the regain the Republic our forefathers envisioned. We definitely have a long way to go but at least President Trump has apparently put this Country and it's people back on the road towards out eventual goal.  We will return to our Republic and we will survive the onslaught of the swamp and it's very dishonest  creatures.


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