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The philosophical differences between those of the right and those on the left on the political spectrum are so great that the threat of a civil war is a distinct possibility. With both sides unwilling to compromise, I think the best solution would be to convert our one divided nation into two separate countries.

Compromise is not possible, The only way to prevent another civil war is to create two separate nations.

Rather than having one disunited nation, we would be much better off as two  separate and distinct.  I think that California should secede from the United States and become a new blue nation and Texas were to secede and become a red nation the potential of a war between the states could be avoided..

Any of the other states who desired to secede could they join the republic of California or Texas. Any resident unhappy with the political ideology of their new state would be able to free to pack their bags and move to a state where their values were shared by the vast majority of the residents.

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At the risk of being repetitive I must again mention that what we are up against is global.  I do not see any chance that any move against our present controllers = our gov. (largely controlled by the Leftist globalists)  would not be met with international involvement.  Of course I do believe there are many individuals in many countries that have very similar objections as wee do. If only we could harness. that! 

I think that is why Pres. Trump doesn't make more progress. It's far more than just DC obstruction. George Soros comes to mind. It is my view that the current border crisis is anything but grassroots. It is part and parcel and a powerful tool of the leftists globalists, here and abroad. We need to get out of the UN and stop supporting it the way we do.  We cannot make any improvement in our situation without recognizing the extent of the tentacles of our adversaries.  

The only part about Trump I agree with you on is that Trump is just a small cog in the war against the common people and the eventual complete tyrannical control of our nation by the one world order. If Trump were really any kind of threat to the NWO he would never have been allowed to even run for the Presidency. Or they could have very easily made the vote run against him. Several time during the primary he made allegations claiming that it was happening yet he was the proverbial bull in the china shop. They could have even made things go a different way once it went into The Convention. That is how Abe Lincoln got into The Presidency. He did not win the republican convention. He was not even a major contender. He was appointed by the heads of the convention after they caused multiple votes to go without a winner between the Actual majority vote getters. I would say there was probably some behind the scene shenanigans in his getting the presidency. This is not documented like his appointment to be the republican nomination was documented. You need to wake up Trump railed against illegal immigrants, yet he many times over actually hired companies to bring illegals in to work on his construction companies. He even many times over the years admitted to it and how it was one way he kept his building projects down.

Guess we'll have to agree to disagree. : )

Wow. You've a very skewed view of why Trump won the election. I'm no Trumper, but it is crystal clear to me why he prevailed in 2016. Enough awakened Americans became sufficiently fed up, intimidated and disturbed by the establishment's lawlessness and subversion that they threw caution to the wind, crawled out from beneath their rocks and voted for him. Actually, most didn't voted FOR him, but against the clear and present domestic dangers assailing our way of life, our Liberty. Justifiably, people were--and still are--scared sh**less. The only thing that amazes me is that the NWO and their deep state allies here haven't killed him yet, though God knows there have been several serious attempts so far. (There's a reason why he retains some of his own personal security detail, this in addition to the Secret Service itself. Who the hell can he trust in DC?.)Trump buys us time to buckle up in preparation for the  inevitable clash of ideologies to come. He is no more an agent of the NWO than he is of the Hillary Mafia. Were I you, I'd concentrate my energies on buckling up. 

Jim don't be offended but do you really think if they wanted Trump dead at all he would still be alive. There is no security detail in the world that can keep you alive if they want you dead. A little poison in your food. How about some poison in the air when you come out of the white house. How about a sharpshooter from up to a mile away. There are so many ways they could get rid of anyone they wanted to. The only reason he is alive is because they want him to be. You can say oh they wanted to get rid of him and they tried. Look at the mueller investigation. If they really wanted him gone so bad all they would have to do is make up the evidence. CIA could easily do it or for that matter the FBI could also. They have done it before. 

Now back to as to why Trump won they election. Trump won the election because he is a showman. He kept yelling out loud what the angry masses wanted to hear. Build the wall. Deport the illegal immigrants. get rid of obamacare. He repeated the most often that which people wanted to hear the most "Jail Hillary". People saw and see her as evil. That is why she was set up as the democratic party nominee. People hate her. They didnt like her when she was first lady. Electing anyone expect Hillary became a battle cry for many. Thye didnt like trump but they hated hillary. I know many who said they had to vote for trump so hillary would not win. They unified the forces who are anti socialist into voting for a socialist. Wow they actually did that.

Knowing the few things I do know for certain; I know that buckling up will not do much good. Our time for having any chance of success is closing and Enough people still believe in the fairytale that is the US. Trump was just one more thing they did to get the masses to look at something else so they dont see the reality that is driving down the street getting ready to run them over.

Well, time will tell how accurate you are about Trump. For me, his policies and actions have not been disappointing. Under his circumstances, they are significant. I am not an idolizer of Trump.  He like everyone has his warts, but he is head and shoulders above Obama and his crew. trump takes no salary and rather donates it to some charity. He didn't need this office. His life was likely more enjoyable before he became president. He's not the polished politician and I can think of NO ONE that I would have wanted to win over him. Particularly not Hillary.  I don't believe we actually realize the challenges any president faces.  I am convinced they are overwhelming. It's easy to sit on the outside and judge with no responsibility for the consequences. For now Trump is fine for me. It appears there's no better on the horizon. I will be voting for him.

You say there is no one who would have been better. You obviously believe in the claim that you have to vote for one party candidate or the other. There were several candidates who were far better appearing than trump for the job. That is just on their beliefs and their over their lifetime actions. My personal choice would have been darrel castle of the Constitution party. You should look the party up. It supports everything they discuss as being the way things should be.  

As far as trump not taking a salary; that is correct. Of course his daughter is a great benefactor of his being president. She got a very lucrative deal for her line of clothing and other things with the chinese right after the first meeting between trump and the chinese. He paycheck is nothing. He made more money from all  the people who must travel with him staying in his resort when he spends his weekly golfing outing at his resort in Florida. Which by the way he spent more money on travel in his first 6 months than obummer did in his last several years.

The travel expenses were from secret service expenditures for travel. Will try to find the article when it was in the news for you.

I think his daughter was successful before his presidency. And if she were my daughter I guess I would likely support her as well. Wouldn't you? I don't understand your dislike for Trump.  As for Darrel Castle?? Never heard of him. It's not easy to run for president and it's not cheap. It will take eons before a completely unknown entity to get anywhere in that race. You have to at least have a chance of winning.  Being known is critical to that. That's the way it is. Like it or not. Until you mentioned his name here I've never heard it. Of the possibilities in 2016 Trump was and is the best choice for me. And I will vote for him again unless someone better presents himself/herself.  And I don't see that on the horizon. I salute Trump's strength.  A lessor person would/could never have taken the personal persecution Trump has and remained standing. I have an appreciation for that. But, each to his/her own. 


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