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Kangaroo Court


Most of America is blindly walking around "thinking" we have a US Constitution, and they are mistaken. They have been tricked into agreeing to being ruled under the supreme authority of a "Corporate Constitution". Yes, like the one most corporations have. Looks like the one we thought we were learning in grade school, but isn't.

If and when they try to voice their Rights, they are usurped by the Corporate Human Resources Department/judge and they are outwitted by a foreign language and the corporate punishment to follow. Even after abused, they still can't comprehend what is happening. Most Americans are treated like corporate owned livestock or inventory. The only thing missing is the fences keeping them from wandering off.

The ones that DO wander off the range are hunted down and culled-out from the heard for fear of infectious education and truth.

Have we discussed the differences between Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights? You know where I'm going with this. Try to use the Constitution in a court today. I did, and that's why I'm here today. Very educational. Courts are a corporate redistribution of wealth department. Nothing personal, it's just business! First year of law school is "Contracts". Why? That's how they get ya.

Written By Mike

Posted by Morton IX


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So True and just the tip of the deceit.  Way to go Morton!  I have plenty on this if you care to read.  

Here is just a snippet to spark wanting more...

It's all about contracts and your consent. Why do you register your kids at birth taking live birth from between you and the hospital, in exchange for a birth certificate? Look up definition of "registering".

You just gave up ownership of your kids to whomever issued the certificate They now own your kid. That is how they can come in and take your kids through the Dept. of Social Services. 

What about your marriage license? That is between you, your spouse and your church.

Filing for a license from the State? You just put the State in charge of your marriage and that is how they can dictate whether to dissolve it and your possessions.

Same thing with your car/truck or boats.

Same thing with hunting/fishing you are asking for permission to be part of the good old boys club. Once in, you have to go by their rules you consented to. Lots of trickery going on, but in the beginning they need your consent.

Nothing forces your signature; not even reporting your possessions or property tax.  If you have to pay then it's not yours; you are merely leasing your own possessions. It does not end there. If you want more, there is a lot more. I can point you to it if you care to read.

-Mike C.

I would like to point out that fishing in particular, is different. The state spends a lot of money farm raising these fish and stocking the streams. It seems to me that if you want the fish to be there, it's just a matter of Contract between a supplier and their customers. It is an open and very well explained contract that you have a choice to get in on or not. It IS a Boy's Club, so to speak, but a voluntary one, to be sure. Now, don't get me wrong. I also believe that if you don't sign the contract, and the state stocks these fish, you DO have the right to feed yourself and take these fish out of the stream ANYWAY. I just think you should at least give the guys who raised the fish a little tip for putting them there. Say two or three dollars/fish? Or even a buck. Point?

Just sign up for the license and enjoy a mostly hassle free experience in or on the water. You can keep 5/day. I harvested about 220 last year, for the measly fee of $31.00. That's only       14 cents/fish.

Good deal if you ask me and it is run by the states, NOT THE FEDS! I sign the contract every year. It is the only one I DO sign.

Morton, I get the ethical financing of "paying your fair share" for the maintaining the inventory of fish. It's the right thing to do for the "benefit" received. I have an issue with the autographing to receive a "license".

For the newest members. A license is permission to do something that is "illegal".

I have difficulty signing anything that might be considered a contract with the corporation as it may come back and bite me later as evidence to prove I am their slave, employee, or US (c)itizen. I don't mind paying for a service, just don't make me join their club!

I once attempted to autograph with the additional UCC 308-1 at the DMV. My signature was rejected. They were prepared for troublemakers like myself. I wonder why! That was MY proof that this contract nonsense is for real.

I have a catch-22 issue with the use of any UCC attempts. To use it as a defense, doesn't it also prove one is a corporate member in their private US Corporation? Can it backfire on oneself?

Simple answer is that if it takes a signature, it's a contract/agreement. If you make a contract with the state to fish the fish THEY raised, then all you are required to do is follow the contractual agreement and catch the fish.

It is not automatically proof that you ARE a corporate 14th Amendment "citizen" to make a deal with the state Commission of Fish, but I do think that the minute they "require" your SSN to get one, then they have stepped over the line and are now heading down the slippery slope to dictatorship.

So, in conclusion, now that there is a "rule" in PA that says that very thing, I believe you are probably correct in your assumption that ANY contract with ANY level of government is probably now going to be used as or considered evidence of "proof of residence"

Sound familiar? It should. It is the FIRST thing a cop will ask you for if pulled over.

"I need to see your 'proof of residence' please".

So you may be exactly right Mike, but I'm grandfathered in as far as the SSN goes. I got mine before they started that "rule" and all you have to have is your old license to get a new one. They just re-use the same number. So I don't need an SSN to get one. N

Not only that, but as soon as I heard them say they "needed" my SSN to get a fishing license, I immediately wrote a letter of protest to the F&GC refuting this requirement.

In addition, I took the protest straight to their door and was told it was not necessary and that it was just "encouraged" to; get this; "Keep track of dead-beat Dads who don't pay their child support"; So they can stop them from having any fun if they're not going to take care of their kids, I suppose.

These people will use ANY excuse to tighten the noose.

I live in Collin County, Texas and last year inquired about having an alarm installed in my home,

I was informed that the Sheriff's Dept. requires a  $25 permit, which was sent to me.

Some of the questions about whether or not firearms were stored in the home, I thought were intrusive, but I completed the application and sent it in with my check, over a year ago.

I did not like the bait and switch of the alarm co. and decided to install cameras, instead of going forward with activating the monitoring service.

Two days ago, I received a letter to renew and it stated, "A FINE OF UP TO $500 PER DAY MAY BE ASSESSED, AGAINST ANYONE OPERATING AN ALARM SYSTEM WITHOUT A PERMIT".

I am not complaining about a lack of refund here,  or the 7 cents a day permit cost,

 It's the intrusive requirements and being threatened with fines, by the office of an elected official.


We have had rights long  before the Constitution was written. We do not have Constitutional Rights, our rights were given to us by our Creator. Saying that we have Constitutional Rights implies that our rights were granted to us by the Constitution.

My understanding, some of which was learned, here and also Hillsdale College on-line courses, is that The Constitution was developed to bind down the government, from over-reach.

The government derives it's rights from, "The People" and the people cannot grant something, that they do not possess.

Since my rural neighbors have no complaint, I am left to wonder how such a county ordinance can be put into local law, unless voted upon and passed, by the people, instead of a few commissioners appointed, or elected by a majority of city dwellers, in the county seat. 

It seems like intrusive over-reach to me, but perhaps I am splitting hairs.


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