Since 1913, Congress has been writing more and more laws that violate the Constitution and we need to turn back the clock and begin to repeal those laws that are clearly unconstitional

The first Act of Congress that needs to be repealed is. the Federal Resereve Act which transferred from Congress the power to issue our money and regulate its value to the Federal Reserve

The 16th and 17th Amendments, which were never lawfully ratfied need to be repealed.

The Patriot Act and the NDAA, also need to be repealed and all Federal Agencies not authorized in the Constituiton need to be defunded,

Congress should spend  the next two years undoing the damage that has been done in the last 100 years.

What are some laws that you would like to see repealed? Please use the commen sectio below to share your opinions.

Please Support the Constitution

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Everything that Congress 'Passed' with an attorney sitting in Congress is NULL & VOID AB INITIO!  That is, EVERYTHING that has been done since 1818 (or thereabouts) is not valid.   Then, we have the fiasco after 1865!  How about the theft of the country in 1913?  The list is CONTINUOUS!

A lawyer is an officer of the court and a member of the Judicial Branch of government. Anyone seriving in the legislative branch can not lawflully be simultaneously a member of the judicial branch.

This may be a dumb question, Keith, but I am not sure I understand "lawyer is a member of the Judicial branch." Judges and lawyers both practice law, so not all lawyers are judges. Can you please enlighten me?

Jeanine Kincheloe Your use of the term "lawyer" is wrong.  "Attorney" is the proper term for anyone who is a member of the BAR.  "Lawyers" are those who have studied LAW and are NOT part of the criminal enterprise BAR Association.

The War of 1812 was England's response to the proposed  13th Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America.  This is now known as the "Missing 13th Amendment" and is available on the internet with more than sufficient proof that it was ratified into law.

Obviously, the USA LOST that war as we have the BAR in every facet of our lives and  there are attorneys unlawfully seated in every branch and function of the government.

Studying law is one thing, but to practice law, the student of law must pass the BAR.

So, you are saying a student of law is not yet a criminal. It does not make a difference that I can see. Without passing of the BAR, that student of law can do nothing, and to pass the BAR they have to be indoctrinated and miss-informed about our rights.

Woah Horse,

Slow down.

Anyone may be lawyer if they wish, but a lawyer cannot run for Congress. Nor can an Attorney.


Lawyer - One who engages in the debating of Law

Attorney - a middle man in the transfer of money from one party to another.

Neither is allowed to run for Congress.


They do not know about the 13th A. We do. They don't. And I agree with your definitions, especially of 'Attorney."

And it is funny, prophecy has told me I am a race horse.... .lol

I have been watching our Government turn more and more towards Communism, when I returned from Vietnam in 1970, I saw the Communist in action, but our own Police told me that Flying the enemy flag on our own soil was freedom of speech. that is when I knew that all my suspicions in Vietnam were Facts, and after what happen there in San Francisco to us, it was strictly a show for the Protesters and the world. that is why I immediately requested assignment to Back to Germany, to keep my self from killing Communist in my Country. I stayed in Germany till my retirement in 2002 Feb.24th. Our Mr X of key holder U.S.A. Defends the REDS, with denies just like all Communist. deny being Communist when That is exactly what they are. They say: "I am not Communist, I am a Liberal, or Progressive, or a Socialist, those are all Communist types. So America wake up! before it is too late. Mr. X don't talk to me if you don't give your name. nor about me either, be proud of who you are or Shut up.

I believe you are possibly correct about Key Holder,

You will be happy to know that I have suspended him. He is a troll. He will no longer be able to disturb the process here.

 The article begins, "Since 1913, Congress has been writing more and more laws that violate the Constitution ...", but I suggest there was no 'Congress Assembled' to pass any laws at that point, whether or not they are violative of the Peoples' Constitution because the  Lawful assembled Congress adjourned sine die during July 1861, and the business of 'government' was conducted from then and through the present days by committees of a corporation, which I suggest were passing mere bylaws of the corporation than actual Laws that relate to the de jure peoples' government of these united States of America.  What are your thoughts?

When Lincoln suspended habeas cropus he also suspended the Constsituiton and became a military dictator. With the Constitutoin suspended the Presidency and Congress were also suspended.

I sir, believe in the Constitution, and Declaration of independence, Lincoln, used that right that all Presidents have that is now called Administrative law, which Obama used to do anti American things that are only law  as long as that president is in Power, that is how he drained our American wealth, and tied the hands of business and used the force to Control the people with out Accountability. should never be used again to do unconstitutional things by any President. again. The gridlock is only caused by the Far left on both Parties and the only way to stop it is by Removing all the Communist that don't believe in our Constitution, a person Can't be a Communist and also believe in our Constitution which they have been stomping for the last two years, ans have already started to again stomp The President and the American people, no one in service of the Government. can be other then believers on the Constitution. Communist can't be in Government at any level or part of the overall Government. and must be removed very very soon. but today we ASK THEM TO RESIGN TOMORROW THEY WILL BE REMOVED WITH PREJUDICES. SO RESIGN WITH AT LEAST PARTIAL PAY. OR NOTHING. Then the supreme Court and Congress will review the Constitution Amendments except the first 10 Amendments. there will be only Constitutional Amendments all Americans have the right to chose your sex. but the change is your Cost.


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