Since 1913, Congress has been writing more and more laws that violate the Constitution and we need to turn back the clock and begin to repeal those laws that are clearly unconstitional

The first Act of Congress that needs to be repealed is. the Federal Resereve Act which transferred from Congress the power to issue our money and regulate its value to the Federal Reserve

The 16th and 17th Amendments, which were never lawfully ratfied need to be repealed.

The Patriot Act and the NDAA, also need to be repealed and all Federal Agencies not authorized in the Constituiton need to be defunded,

Congress should spend  the next two years undoing the damage that has been done in the last 100 years.

What are some laws that you would like to see repealed? Please use the commen sectio below to share your opinions.

Please Support the Constitution

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Alberto Garcia whenever ANY public servant, whether the President of the local Animal Control Officer, violates ANY constitutional or statutory provision, they have voluntarily surrendered their office and no longer have any authority or protection provided by such office.

POTUS has NO SUCH authority to do whatever they wish!  Any violation should be immediately challenged by the Senate's producing an indictment and the House's holding a trial for TREASON!

As Lincoln destroyed the united States of America in 1861, every Congress since then has KNOWN that they are a gang of thieves and have acted accordingly.

WE THE PEOPLE are solely responsible for allowing this to continue!

There are enough Vets to take this country back and many have already paid the ultimate price for the perfidy of the Government! 

Let EVERY public servant take notice that their days are numbered and that they WILL be held accountable!

I for one am a Retired veteran, but my Oath of Enlistment to being a Soldier, has no expiration date. I am still a Soldier. Dedicated to defend and Protect our American Constitution. against all Enemies of our Constitution, foreign or domestic. American or other. the Constitution Comes first. there is no such thing as a little socialism, if you follow a socialist, "you are one!" If you don't believe in our Constitution, you are an enemy of America and the free people of this Nation.

we must bring the constitution back into the Government, bring back term limits, keep none believers out of Government, THE  CONSTITUTION IS AMERICA'S LAW! IT IS CLEAR AND SIMPLE. NO CHANGES ARE NEEDED FOR IT AND THE FIRST 10 AMENDMENTS.

He means legal statutes, codes, regulations, orders, decrees, directives, stare decisis and case law, etc.

These things are not LAW, but that kind of action in legality is to what he is referring.


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