The unjust laws passed during the Hitler administration violated the God given rights of the German people just as the unjust laws passed under the Obama administration violate the principles upon which our nation was founded. The implementation of unjust laws is how tyrants are able to carry out their diabolical agendas. The enforcement of unjust laws is the foundation of tyranny. When the people obey unjust laws they give their government the power to enslave them.

By controlling the schools and the media, the government is able to control the minds of the people. When the government controls the schools education becomes indoctrination and liberty becomes tyranny. Governments that are able to use the media to control public opinion can do virtually anything thing they want with the support of the people.

When a government is permitted to write its own laws and then is allowed to determine the constitutionality of those laws there is no way to prevent the abuse of power by that government. Unjust laws violate the constitution and allow the government to do virtually anything they want without any accountability.

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