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 It's All About Venue - part II

Ok, now that we have established that it is a venue jurisdiction that is being levied against you, let’s take a look at the auto-mobile registration. We all know we are “required” to have a plate made of metal with letters embossed into the surface and attached to the rear of our auto-mobile in order to avoid major hassles with the local constabulary. The fact that this “registration” expires is clear evidence that it is no “registration” at all but merely a TAX placed on your property making you liable to the STATE for that “fee”. So in order to avoid this hassle you simply pay the “fee” and the County TAX collector issues you a new “allow you on my road” sticker till it once again “expires”. Isn’t that funny that it’s the TAX collector who issues this “sticker”? Things that make you go, Hmmm.

Well here’s the good part. When you get that sticker in the mail, you’ll notice that of to the right of the dated sticker there is another one that says “VOID/DO NOT USE/NO USE”. So if you’re not supposed to use that sticker, then why do they even send it? The answer is simple; because by their own rules, that sticker is their state’s VENUE remedy; they have to offer this option, but they don’t have to tell you about it. Why else would they waste their time and the “Taxpayers” money? The use of this “option” is highly discouraged.

Why do they discourage its use? Because this sticker is your optional declaration, should you choose to use it, that removes you from “their state” PUBLIC VENUE and securely places you in “your state” PRIVATE VENUE and they don’t want you to know that.

By placing this smaller “VOID” sticker on “their State’s” license plate (the plate is not yours either), this acts as a reminder to any “policy enforcer” that despite the fact that you are “required” to have a “license” plate, you are in “your state” PRIVATE, COMMON LAW VENUE, “upon the land” and not “in the territory”.  You are declaring that you are not “within” the U.S. territory “carrying” “passengers” and “operating” a “motor vehicle”, but instead are travelling in “pursuit of happiness” and steering your “conveyance”. “Jurisdiction”?

It’s a VENUE issue.

Here's a little help

Here's another one that might help.

Beating Civil Traffic Tickets - Part 2

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Why don't you post the link? and Time. I think that will help.

Who are you talking to?

I'm talking ABOUT the courts (judges), D.A.s, and the cops.. wasn't that the subject?.. public 'servants'? previous post i was also talking about Marc Stevens.. great guy ~

I was directing the question to Rosanna because she didn't name who she was directing her question to, and in the process I didn't direct my question either. the joke was on me. Sorry I.Cole!

wayne I hit the "reply" button and it puts the response under the person you are replying to. I can always tell that way.

Now if someone writes a "new" post in the area under the article THEN, and to a particular person, then you would definitely have to address it. 

When I wrote this to you I clicked the "reply" button so you should see it was replied ot you. but  I also put your name.

That is what I used to think, but it doesn't always work out that way, leastwise, not on this site. I have read others complain about that issue, so I know it is not just me. I don't mind so much, as long as I can figure it out. Sometimes my response shows up 5 or 6 responses away.

I think you're talking to me Rosanna, but you should address people by name so we know for sure. But here's your answer. Because the original link is long, tedious and filled with unnecessary info that is not relevant to the subject matter. It is my position that I should rewrite and edit out that which is not needed and not clear. I am a natural born writer and teacher myself, so I always think I can say it better a have the subject more well understood. That's why I don't just post links to other people's writing or videos. It is my job to take all the other writing, pictures and videos and review them, discern which information is relevant and how best to assemble it into a cogent message for all here to examine on the merits of how I put it together. If you want to just have people go see the link, you are able to post the address yourself. Here's how you do it:

Real easy.

  1. Got to the site page you wish others to visit. Highlight with your mouse the actual web address in the box at the top of the page.
  2. Hold down the control key and the letter "c" on your keyboard at the same time, then let them both go. This will copy it to your drive.
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Easy enough? Now you know how. Try it next time you want someone to go right where your info is. It saves a lot of non-techies the trouble of trying to find your link. Copy and paste these instructions into a Word document if you want to remember them.

The Control key on your keyboard is a wonderful shortcut/two-handed way of speeding through the laborious process of cutting and pasting and a pathway to many other neat functions. There are other keyboard shortcuts as well. Endeavor to learn these keyboard shortcuts and you will save a ton of time fooling around with the mouse and right click, left click baloney. Happy clicking!


Why don't you post the link? and Time. I think that will help.

Another verification that it is indeed a tax in California, is:

If you fail to pay for your "Registration" by the "due date" they send you a couple of warning letters that the "fee" has accrued late penalties; which is applied by adding a set percentage of interest calculated by the number of days late which starts at 10% of the "Vehicle License Fee" and 10% of the ("weight fee" by authority of the CHP) if applicable, due that year and can escalate up to 160% of the total amount due.  If it is still not paid, it is forwarded to the California Franchise Tax Board, Vehicle Registration Collections in Rancho Cordova, California.

The notice will inform you that the Legislature established Franchise Tax Board's Vehicle Registration Collections (VRS) to help the Department of Motor Vehicles collect delinquent debts.  They claim the codes of law that gives them the authority to use the Franchise Tax Board, can be found in (California Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) Section 10878 and California Code of Civil Procedures 706.074) which is codified as follows:


(a) The state may itself issue a withholding order for taxes under this section to collect a state tax liability. The order shall specify the total amount required to be withheld pursuant to the order (unpaid tax liability including any penalties, accrued interest, and costs).

(b) Unless a lesser amount is specified in the order, the amount to be withheld by the employer each pay period pursuant to an order issued under this section is the amount required to be withheld under Section 1673(a) of Title 15 of the United States Code, and is not subject to the exception provided in Section 1673(b) of Title 15 of the United States Code.


Stupid question. What if you are just working on your vehicle for an extended period of time and wish to simply garage it in a private establishment and work on it for a period of let's say 5 or 6 years and don't need the Registration for that amount of time?

Do you still accrue penalties? Do you still have to keep it current? Do you still have to register it, or can you simply re-register it upon completion of your work when the time comes to put it back on the road? What does California do if you claim to not need the registration for awhile?

I would tell California Corporation to put it where the sun doesn't shine!

I did exactly that to Oregon boating registration. They kept telling me I needed to register a jet ski I took in on trade, even to the point of being threatening with me. Knowing they are nothing but some unjustified bureaucracy, I told them that I refused to register it, and if I want to use it I'll do it without their damned sticker. I told them a few other things also, that don't need repeating. I have never heard from them since.

California still flies the Republic flag and never did away with the Republic - totally. That is why they still fly two flags outside of their courthouses. The Republic is still alive there, though most people probably have no idea why.

I haven't had the chance to watch or read this whole series:  I just want to say that the very first thing to do in ANY court setting is to "first" establish that "you" are appearing in "special appearance and not in general appearance, for the accused" (the accused is you--the "fictional you that the court uses and the real you that the constitution uses)--remember that the courts have to establish two things to proceed with an action--1st: jurisdiction over subject matter and 2nd: jurisdiction over "persona" (you).  DO NOT automatically give them jurisdiction by just standing up when they call your case and name--tell them you are "appearing by special appearance and not by general appearance" until jurisdiction can be established by the court--jurisdiction over subject matter is easy for them to establish--but jurisdiction over "persona" is another thing entirely.  And if the judge says he will proceed with the case without actually and legally establishing jurisdiction over "persona"--advise the judge that he will be performing "fraud on the court".  More than likely he (the judge) will tell you that he will hold you in contempt of court---My last traffic case went like that,  I just respectfully asked the judge if he would like for me to call two sheriffs officers to take us to jail (one car for each of us) or just call one officer to save gas?  Once you have informed the judge that he has not established "legal" and "constitutional" jurisdiction over "persona" and that he still wants to proceed with the case, and you have told him "on the record" that he is "performing fraud on the court". you have stripped him of his protection of the court as an "officer" of the court, and he is then proceeding as a regular, everyday citizen such as your self, and he has just committed "fraud" which is a crime--and he can be sued for that.


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