Good morning everyone!

On Monday March 6th's Wake Up America call we will be discussing how you can start your own State group as a leader or co-coordinator. It is imperative that we establish all of our State groups and 4 person teams before we can have our Proclamation Day. We know many of you have started connecting and some do not have access to the internet. Not a problem. Our leadership team will be more than happy to help you connect with others in your State. We do ask that State leaders be AA! dues paying members to help us with continuity and also be able to help offer more materials for others with differing abilities. Our leadership team will also help you set up your own conference calls so that you can easily connect with other members in your State. This is also important for issues that come up within your States that can be handled on a local level.

Our laser focused goal is to Ratify the 28th Amendment but we can only do that with everyone's support and our State teams established. 

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in our morning Wake Up America calls! Very interesting, informative and people are making connections already in their States!

We have decided for ease of use for all of our members that will be changing the phone number for our Wake Up America calls to the AA! phone number and access code. We will be making that transition over the next week. We will post both numbers and monitor both numbers to help redirect those that do not have access to the internet and this message.

Thank you again to everyone for participating and sharing all of the incredible information that so many talented people have to offer!

Erin Lea

Wake Up America host

Kansas co-coordinator and

Social Media Evangelist for AA!

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