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Walk the Walk - Voluntary Compliance and "Registration" of Everything!

No More Talk - Walking the Walk!

This one is on "The Man in the Mirror". I think the title is appropriate.

I believe we are in a similar time as the First American Revolution, but with striking differences. There is a tremendous amount of Ignorance and Apathy and our Public Schools have had ample time to dumb us down. We are at that point where we "think" we're free and so are in truth no more hopelessly enslaved than we could possibly be, by any other means. For evidence to the truth of this claim, let a candid world examine the following "truth".

  • You voluntarily sign agreements with the "bank" to hold your valuable property for you with absolutely NO obligation to protect that "deposit". In fact, they will readily hand it over to unlawful demand by criminal agencies of a De Facto government, such as the IRS without hesitation or question as to the "authority" of that agency.
  • You voluntarily send your children to indoctrination farms, designed to create confusion and chaos in the minds of our youth. Instead of learning to cope with the real world and gaining truly useful knowledge, they are taught "Common Core".
  • You voluntarily submit to unlawful "demands" through adhesion contracts such as,
  1. Driver's License
  2. Building Permits
  3. Vehicle Registration
  4. Mechanical Inspection Certificate
  5. Smog inspection certificate
  6. Contractor's License
  7. Fishing License
  8. Hunting License
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. School Registration
  11. Gun Registration
  12. Concealed Carry Permits
  13. Marijuana Laws. (You don't need permission on what to do with your own body).
  14. Social Security Application
  15. IRS Form 1040 "Requirements"
  16. Banking Agreements that Favor the IRS, Not You
  17. Forced Auto Insurance and Federal Authority over "Transportation"

You also volunteer to participate in government "forced";

  • Automatic Registration of your child at the hospital into a lifetime contract (Birth Certificate), which treats them as nothing more than a commodity.
  • Registration of your child in that same hospital into the Social Security System without the permission of the child. (Try getting your child out of the hospital without it.)
  • Unauthorized and involuntery Vaccination of your child with decidedly dangerous potions; also without the consent of the human who is being affected by these potions, (the child). (Try getting your child out of the hospital without it.)
  • Registration of that same child into "Public Schools", where you lose all control of them and that we KNOW don't teach them like they should.
  • Registration of guns, ammunition and magazines and explosive devices in direct violation of the Second Amendment.

Let's face it, this is just the tip of the iceberg and I'm sure anyone could come up with more items for the list, but I think the point is clear.

We keep "Volunteering" to participate in what we know is a completely fraudulent system of oppression and tyranny, designed to overwhelm us and demand all of our time and energy to comply with.

When we refuse to participate, we take back control of our lives and this country. That should be the ultimate goal of EVERY SINGLE PATRIOT who claims to have the answer.

You cannot trust the guy who only talks the talk. You can only trust the guy who is walking the walk. If there are organizations out there with thousands or even millions of members who do not walk the walk, then it's high time we convinced them ALL of the efficacy of such a path. Especially the creators and administrators of these organizations.

We must now take action to either email, call, write a letter to or even go visit ANYONE in ANY of these organizations and SHOW them the path of resistance that they should follow. Show them by doing it all yourself first.

We could take an example from Mr. John Lamb, who has no "Birth" certificate; nor do his children. He has No SSN; nor do his children. He was not born in a hospital; nor were any of his children. I cannot speak to his status in other areas of resistance, but I can speak to my own.

I do not and will not:

  • Have a bank account,
  • Have children registered in "public" school,
  • Submit to vaccination of myself OR my charges,
  • File tax forms, or pay "income" tax; EVER,
  • Use my SSN for ANY reason,
  • Expect to receive "benefits" from the Social Security Administration,
  • Have a "driver's" license, (I am not a driver)
  • Have a registration plate,
  • Submit to inspection "requirements",
  • Ask permission to build something on my property, (including a fence),
  • Submit to their supposed "jurisdiction" in ANY way without a fight,
  • Or let them tell me what my "NAME" is.

Take this for what you wish, but don't underestimate the importance of the message. We must now begin the process of full force resistance of this tyrannical government. We must do so by starting with The Man in the Mirror. We must now ALL "Walk the Walk", then show everyone else in the Patriot Network how to do this. We must start TODAY!

For more on this subject Watch This Video

Welcome to The Revolution!

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Hi Morton, In reply to your post, you say you will never get a drivers license & registration. I have been looking into that in my state of ill. how do you go about doing that without losing your vehicle, being arrested & fined etc.?

We here at the Constitution Club have published several articles on this process and brought to our forums at least two people I would reference on this subject, Eddie Craig and Rich Iverson, but for those who refuse to use our search window and its very useful abilities, Right to Travel - Driving is a Profession is a good place to start. I will add this link to the article itself.

What do you expect with something like 35 million people (more than in manufacturing in this Country now) working for government, needing something to do to justify their jobs ("its my job")...while making sure some treasonous criminal for hire shoots you in the back if you resist (REMEMBER LAVOY FINICUM).

Does it work the same way if you have a commercial license in a non-commercial vehicle?

If you have a commercial "Driver's License", remember this. ALL "driver's licenses" are commercial. That's the point about licensing. If you have applied for a "license", you ARE a "driver" by definition. You should not have all of your "travels" controlled by that licensing, however.

So if "pulled over" for a "traffic stop", while in your private car, you have NO obligation to produce that license or be bound to the restrictions of that agreement. In other words, the two activities can be and should be separated from each other. Does that help answer your question?

Well, Morton... I do understand what you are saying and I agree with Bill May, that it will require war to change it. I learned after losing a few personal wars, when I was a younger man, that it is important and necessary, to pick your battles.

I chose to obtain a CHL, rather than face felony charges and one of the requirements imposed upon holders of a Texas CHL is that it must be presented to ANY law enforcement officer, when asked for identification.

Yes, I understand that I have a "Natural Right" and it is backed by the 2nd Amendment, but felonies are not traffic violations and I don't have Ted Nugent's money!

I have to ask myself: a) Is this is a battle that could be worthwhile to my family, now or in the future?  b) Is this a battle worthy of the sacrifice... loss of property, loss of liberty and possibly even loss of life, of loved ones and self?

I admire men like LaVoy Finicum, but I do not aspire to martyrdom. I will contribute to a worthy cause, but I didn't burn my draft card, I served and I'm not burning my driver's license, either.

I walk my talk, brother. I just try to not let my alligator mouth overload my birddog ass!

The courts have made it clear that 'citizens of the United States' / 14th / fed citizens have no right secured by the 2nd amendment.

For those people the constitutions recognize as state-only citizens, the 2nd still offers no protection because they are suppose to be under the protection of their state constitution, none of which give any state the power to regulate gun ownership of their citizens - thus such a power could not and was not delegated to the United States to impose upon them.

We cannot over look that the gov is under communist occupation and that the state constitutions have been supplanted by some undisclosed policy that does not recognize any common law rights. I use the term 'occupied' because only under occupation can a sovereign class be stripped of all their rights.

The government CANNOT possess powers which would be unlawful for the people to possess.

The People cannot delegate powers they do not already possess.

Thus ALL social welfare programs are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Your rights are NEVER constitutional. ONLY their RESTRICTIONS are.

Put the 14th Amendment (Unlawfully ratified), away! It was not written for you, OR me, or any of the other "PEOPLE".

Individuals have no power to regulate commerce on any level. The citizens surrendered that power to the state. Thus the gov can posses a power that the citizens cannot.


The power to regulate commerce was the power to make sure one state did not unfairly tax another, a power definitely already possessed by humans.

Click on the Link above. Or click on Right to Travel here.

Never a better explanation. Maybe someday a respect for an individuals rights will return to all and you will be able to interact with law enforcement in such a manner. Thanks


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