Behind every war cloud there is a silver lining and a golden opportunity for the financial elite to redistribute the wealth of the world into their own pockets. The money used to finance wars is generated by the people.

The price of war is paid in the blood of innocent men, women and children who become statistics of "collateral damage".

The soldiers on the battlefields jeopardize their lives for the love of their country, but the Financial Elite are only in it for the profits that will be earned by the bankers where they fund BOTH SIDES of the war with money that will ultimately be repaid by the tax payers. 

The Corporate "UNITED STATES" is an empire, but functions very much like a corporation. Our government was created to protect our rights, but today their main job is to manage their assets. Unfortunately, We the People are those assets. We are chattel, as are our children for as far as we can see in to the future; we are mortgaged to the hilt.

We are like the milk cows on a governmental plantation that get squeezed every time the government needs money to pay for their wars. Our government and big business have formed an unholy alliance in order to extract our wealth and make us all their personal debt slaves.

We proclaim to the world that we live in the land of the free, but it is an illusion. We are no longer free to think and act for ourselves. The City, County and State are all incorporated and are franchises of one giant crime syndicate located in Washington D.C. that seeks to regulate our lives in order to keep us safe.

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Good short article on how the cabal killing people (population Reduction) and is destroying the world to line their pockets. How criminal our government is sending troops to war under the guise of fighting for our Country. What a sham.

All Hail to Smedley Butler, may his name forever stand.


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