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I have both good news and bad news to share with you. The bad news we are up Shit Creek, but the good news is that we have a paddle.  The government is corrupt, it is being run by corrupt politicians, crooked lawyers and greedy bankers.

Their reign of terrors can come to an end because we have a gigantic paddle we can use to motivate them  to follow the rules established in the Constitution.

We the People are the Masters and the government officials are our servants. The founding fathers warned us that in order to remain free, we must be eternally vigilant. Due to our apathy and negligence those assigned to be our servants have become our Masters.

The House of Representatives was to be the People's House, but today it is controlled by 435 puppets who represent the billionaires  who got them elected.

By reducing the size of the Congressional Districts to a maximum of 50,000 we would take the power currently vested in 435 individuals to distribute the power to over 6,000 new representatives.

When 27 more states ratify the originally proposed First Amendment it would become our 28th Amendment. For more information go to AmericaAgain!

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