Do you have any pictures, videos, or stories, from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation?

Cherylin Eager is heading up this effort. She can be contacted at:
Cell: 801-592-4245
Email address to submit pictures, videos, or stories:

To dispute the government's claim of damages, some patriots are coming together to acquire and present evidence to the contrary.

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, there will be press conferences held by the named individuals, at the locations shown below;
Former Harney Co. Fire Chief Chris Briels, Bend, Oregon
Nevada Assemblyman John Moore, Las Vegas, Nevada
Janalee Tobias, Salt Lake City, Utah (Capitol, South Side)
Guy Finicum, Kanab, Utah

The press conferences will begin at 1:30 PM Mountain Time, 12:30 PM Pacific Time
In preparation for these events, and to established fixed Internet locations for the presentation of evidence disputing the government claims, a number of patriot organizations/sources are working together to gather as much information as possible, to prove the fallacy of the government claims.

To do so, we need your HELP.

If you have pictures of the Refuge before or during the occupation, you can email them to

If you have uploaded videos of the Refuge before or during the occupation, you can email a link to

If you have personal knowledge/stories about the clean-up conducted by the occupiers, or any relevant story, you can email that information to

Thank you,


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