In order to continue providing relevant content,
the Constitution Club needs the financial support of its membership. 
A $5.00 voluntary monthly contribution is requested.

The following individuals have made significant
donations to support the Constitution Club.

David Rempel

Jilene Burger

Michael Cogan

Dennis Klien

Stewart Reeves

Janice Sawyer    

Charles McCarty

Terry Petrey

          Jose Jara             

Richard Wilshire

Dan Robinson

Eric Rangell           

Joseph Cronin 

Catherine Cardoni 

Daryl Johnson    

Raymond Bostard 

John DiLiberto 

Randall Smith

Oleg Gielman

Kirk Beck

Jerry Erickson

Mark Warren

Daniel Pendergast 

Dorothy Jackson 

Bruce Boldenow 

Jim Bonham 

David Shipp 

Linda Raphael

Ernie Tetreault

Stephen Langford

Betty Walker 

David Zuniga

Ralph Reins

Victor Pirie 

Colby Rey 

Janelle Truax

Michael Thomas

Timothy Cason

Double D Company

Charles Cox

Robert Adams

Patricia Badish

Milton Chandler

Paul Buccos

Laura Dutton

William Keen

Erin Lea

Darl Easton

David Perry

Robert Holtzclaw

Debra Ochsenforf

Mark Kirby

William Gray

Julian Marquez

G. Tracy Bakewell

Henry Mayhew

Dean Williams

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