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The Constitution Club was created to educate America on the principles of individual liberty and personal  responsibility. We believe the first step in restoring our liberty and Constitutional Republic is to educate ourselves and to help others to do the same.

As Thomas Jefferson once said "A people who want to remain ignorant and free expect what never was and never will be."

The Constitution Club is a social networking site unlike Facebook we are focused on a single  topic. We are looking for serious patriots who are willing to contribute some of their time and talent and are willing to share this website with their friends and neighbors.

We created this network because we were fed-up with Facebook censorship. So long as your posts aren't lewd or crude, you are invited to share your content with our membership.

The site currently has a little over 4,000 members and would like to double our numbers in the next month. It is our job to help in educating our members and it is your job to enlighten all of your friends and neighbors.

If just 10% of our membership were to call 5 of their friends and invite them to join the Constitution Club and send them an email invitation we would double our membership in the next 30 days.

Every member has their own FREE custom website hosted by the Constitution Club. We have also created a website for every state and county in America. We encourage everyone to join both their state and county group    Click Here 

Rather than focusing on the problems in America today, we want to focus of the solution. That is why we have become affiliated with AmericaAgain! which is dedicated to restoring liberty and our Constitutional  Republic. We encourage all of our members to go to AmericaAgain!   Click Here

To visit the AmericaAgain! Website      Click Here

We will remain a free website, however, we would appreciate those who make an occasional donation to the Constitution Club.  Click Here 

Meanwhile, feel free to invite your friends to join you here. You may invite up to 100 friends per day.   Invite Your Friends

to import your e-mail contacts and invite them. Incidentally, we do not store your information. Unlike Fakebook we care about your right to privacy.

All new members must be approved before being admitted to our site, so if you have invited friends and they don't appear immediately, this is why. Just let them know they need to be patient. Pre-approval is necessary to keep the riff-raff and spammers off the site.

For your friends on Facebook whose e-mail addresses you do not have, you can copy & paste the following message and link and post it on your wall or send it to them in a private message. This link will enable them to join us and find you here.

Tired of all the censorship you get from Facebook? Join me on the Constitution Club Just Click Here to  sign up.

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This is very well stated.  I greatly appreciate this new format.

God bless the U.S.A.


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