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Announcing a Contest

We are living in a time in history like many before it. When these times arrive, there are always people ready with a solution or change that will take care of all the problems. The problem is, no one can agree as to the exact and proper thing to do or words to get behind.

Well, here we are again, at a time when we find it "necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another" in order to "assume among the powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them" to "one Nation under God".

So with that in mind, I believe that our first step should be to "declare the cause which impel" us "to the separation." In order to accomplish this, we need to write our own reasons for separating from the corrupt and evil people and corporate system of Administrative in-justice who have usurped our freedoms, stomped out our rights and replaced them with government issued "privileges".


To create again from scratch, our own "Declaration" and "Constitution", which, to us "shall seem most likely to effect" our "Safety and Happiness." 

First we need a new "Declaration of Independence", so this is what we can do.

We will be holding a competition to write our Declaration of Independence first and then a new Constitution. The reason I wish to start with the Declaration is to "declare the causes which impel" us "to the separation."  We need to tell everyone why we want to start over.

Then it will be incumbent upon us to form a document which will set up the new rules of engagement. Hence the need for a "constitution" of some sort to be then written to encompass and address by succinct definition, the exact restrictions for our elected representatives and the rights of a free and sovereign people as well as to describe in detail the exact structure, responsibilities and procedures of that new governing body. Of course many other things will be included before that "Constitution" can be considered complete, but these things will be in the final version.

So here is the plan. 

Write your "Declaration of Independence" and a new "Constitution" and even a "Bill of Rights" if you believe it necessary. The winner of the contest will have his or her work pitted against mine, in a "winner take all" final competition to decide the ultimate winner of the "Grand Prize", which will probably be not so grand.

We are certainly not rich, but the final prize and complete structure of the contest have not yet been decided, so hold on to your submissions until we figure out what we can afford and who the most deserving winners will be. Yes I said winners plural.

There will be initially, a First Place, Second Place and Third Place winner. These three will win something. Then First Place winner of that competition will vie for the Grand Prize as I said previously against my version of the "New Founding Documents". The final version and winner to be decided by a vote of the membership. The First Place thru Third Place competition will be decided by us.

So if you think you have it all figured out and know how to fix the problem, then let's hear it. Make your voice heard and your opinion known.

Join the Contest!

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What's with the Change?

Not sure what you're talking about there Sharon. Can you elaborate?

Why re-write it? Our forefathers as you know, wrote and understood well and had corruption always at its heels. Why not write how to get ourselves out of the corrupt corporation and not be that "person". Not be in their jurisdiction.
- Mike

Yea, just don't cross over "the Bar". They have NO JURISDICTION on your ship.

The Declaration of Independence is succinct and as meaningful today as ever. (No lawyereze)

The constitution should be scrapped, except for the first 10 amendments. Only men, who are 21 or over, of sound mind and own property or a business, who are natural born and living in the geographic boundaries of the Confederate States of America. (New name, so people better understand the relationship of states and central government.)

No felonious, or criminal backgrounds.  No territory will have any privileges of citizenship and will only be retained for the exploitation of its resources. Anyone who has immigrated to the former U.S.A. since 1945 and their offspring, by blood, water or marriage will formally be escorted out of the country by an all volunteer army.

No political parties. No life terms. No appointments. All business and personal transactions will be on a voluntary basis. All decisions regarding ones own health, welfare or safety is entirely up to the individual, except in cases of mental illness and criminality.

Except in the case of murder, armed robbery and stranger rape, all criminal behavior should be punished by total restitution to the victim. The former to be summarily executed after being convicted by a jury of 12 men good and true, with no evidence left untold or shown.

No taxes on any kind of income. Only tariffs to support a central government. Only use taxes to support a nationwide highway and rail system. Local governments to tax as allowed by locals for schools, roads, fire and amenities. No public funds will be used for grants or subsidies. Much more to come. But, whether active or retired, kill all the lawyers.

Sounds like you just started your own Constitution. Now just finish it for all to see.

  1. Revoke all corporate law and the existence of corporations. Every business entity would have to disclose all owners, as they would be personally responsible for theirs or the companies debts and actions.
  2. No private institutions of "higher learning" or church or religious properties will be exempt from property taxes, levied by the local populations.
  3. After the aforesaid  deportation of the 100,000,000 + emigrants, qualified citizens will be taught the professions and trade skills to replace the interlopers.
  4. After 10 years limited immigration could resume, providing the immigrant is self sufficient and proficient in any skills still lacking.
  5. Five clones of the statue of liberty, along with the one currently in the former U.S.A. will be gifted to the other 6 continents.
  6. For humanitarian purposes all worldwide refugees may take up residence in the paradisaical  C.S.A. territory of Puerto Rico, at which time the current residents may enjoy the revered status of care providers.

That's an interesting deportation philosophy Robert. As you describe it, this deportation would include my Mother, who immigrated with her Mother to the usA in '45 when she was 6, as it turns out. How interesting that we just missed the cutoff for staying here. Would you like to be the one to tell my Mom she doesn't belong here?

I wouldn't be here now, talking to you folks if they had decided to stay in P.I. in 1939. I'm kinda glad they didn't. It took six years to get in and they did it LEGALLY! Also, she was a child and had no choice anyway.

I also have a problem with the deportation policy. Why did you choose your date. Also you have no right to deport those who immigrated here lawfully. As long  as they became citizens they should be allowed to stay. They must have learned to speak English. As long as they met those three criteria; I would prefer they stay. they are the people we want in our country.. The people who need to be deported are all those who are illegal. Those who chose not to become citizens or to learn the language; they should all be deported.

Whereby the Citizens, ( and more clearly the ethnic vast majority, who were English, Scot, Scot-Irish, Dutch and German) who had there land invaded by the acts of a corrupt and treasonous government, nevertheless retain the right and the duty to reverse the actions and consequences of that government; even by the constitutionally approved method of bloody revolution. I relinquish the chore of removing your Mother to a more vigorous individual than I.

I believe we need a Declaration of Independence from the criminal and unconstitutional corporate entity that has covertly invaded our Country. Keep in mind, the united states of America is still valid, we just need to rediscover it and dust it off. Same goes for our US and State Constitutions. They are still valid as they were over 200 years ago. The ONLY problem is NO ONE is obeying their Amendments. Not us, and certainly not those we are tricked into believing are our so-called Representatives.

We need a Declaration of Independence from the criminal invasion by the present unlawful politicians and courts and KEEP the US Constitution we have forgotten. No overthrowing of a legitimate government, which we ARE NOT RESPECTING today, only arrest and capture the ones usurping it from within. We may then RETURN to a legitimate and Constitutional sovereign nation, states, and people.

Nice and clean, no revolution or violence. File our grievances to the PEOPLE of America, as we are NOT able to file it in a legitimate court. Turn our backs on the criminals and pick them up and lock them away as we go about our daily lives. Naturally the police-state as we know it presently will cave to the criminal element they have been brainwashed to obey. Keep in mind, the police-state and criminal government is the MINORITY. Allow the police to take sides. I am confident that the military gets it. "One is part of the solution or part of the problem!" Everyone is allowed to choose. The Constitutional Americans can make Citizen Arrests as they come across the known criminals. We know who they are. We can publish their names, addresses, and photos. We can place an Arrest Warrant on them and seize all they have. No transactions may be made with them. If they happen to escape our shores, so be it. We will eventually find them. But the sooner they are gone, the better. The warrants will be in effect internationally. "They can run, but they cannot hide"! Not for long anyway.

There may be a handful of recently elected, if you will, that could be arrested and aren't worthy of imprisonment. We can have new and lawful courts give them a fair shake. We can forgive the ignorant and stupid, but not the known criminals in collusion. The colluding usurpers will be locked away for a long time!

In its most simplest form, we need to inform the People of America of the facts and publish the grievances nationwide WHY the present illegal government is NOT legitimate. Every state and county needs to have the same information posted everywhere. Several other groups, here and internationally, have already attempted the same. The most common problem is that they kept it a secret from the masses, or attempted to file their grievances in the unlawful courts. They walked into the lions den! These groups need to come together and share the information they've discovered and not have disputes over who gets credit and just do it in unison.

"...we need to inform the People of America of the facts and publish the grievances nationwide WHY the present illegal government is NOT legitimate." 

Good thought Mike;

I believe I have that for you already. Click Here to access.


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