What is your opinion on what President Trump said in his inaugural address? Please share your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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The greatest ever!

Totally Terrific. Out

Very encouraging is my impression. I was basically sitting out this entire election cycle (as a registered Libertarian) until some activist friends of mine encouraged me to give Trump a listen following the second prez debate. I read sincerity and, perhaps more importantly, humility in Trump's Inauguration address.

I thought it was Great, it's about time we stop pretending to be a selfless nation, while our corrupt leaders send money extorted from us to be used in bribes, or to arm islamic fighters to overthrow their own elected leaders. The "America First" should go Viral, everyone should post, tweet and hash tag the hell out of that...

#AmericaFirst  #MAGA

An affirmation/reinforcement of his campaign trail

messages.  He has promised and he plans to deliver.

Go Donald!

May the Lord keep him safe.



I thought it was very encouraging - I think it's now up to us to help him drain the swamp and to keep his promises.

Ginny and I were moved to tears thru the whole thing. GINNY said, he's got balls. I believe that's what people like about him, he's not a politician. I love listening to him. He shows a strong leadership and you know he can do what he says. I believe he generates hope for everyone that listens to what he says. He didn't put his life on the line just to be president. MAGA!

Absolutely fantastic. Never expected to see this in my lifetime but finally someone showed up who wants to return power to the people. It remains to be seen to what extent he will succeed in doing that but it's going to be a very exciting ride.

I was pretty pleased as for the most part it looks like he is going through with some of what I consider important speeches. Not happy that he acted politically correct with Obama and Hillary. 

I disagree that he acted politically correct, he not only gave it to them both but to Bush also!


Trump's speech was fantastic. He told it like it is. He was dead-on correct in everything he said. The propaganda MSM looks at many items in his speech in a negative view. This, right here tells us who the enemies of the Republic are.CNN ought to be sanctioned by the FCC for their threatening rhetoric against Trump.

Folks, we face extraordinary times, in a fight for our Republic, and for our very lives. The fight for liberty has just begun.

We must support President Trump. We can do this by keeping in touch with our respective representatives and by ensuring they are stopped from sabotaging our Republic and our efforts to restore her greatness.

It is IMPERATIVE that we recall or remove all the NeoCons in Congress who wish to pursue the destruction of America. We can no longer tolerate the New World DisOrder. Remain vigilant !!!


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