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The Legislative Branch: Article I Section 8 Clause 1

Congress shall have the power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.

The Legislative Branch: Article I Section 2 Clause 3

Clause 3. Representatives and  direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We have a responsibility to pay the taxes required by the law. I am not suggesting that you refuse to pay the taxes, but I am suggesting you pay no more than that which is required by law.

When most Americans study the tax code they discover that  there is no law requiring them to file and pay taxes on their income 
There is no law that requires most Americans to file and pay income taxes.

I suggest to read the following books:

The Tax Honesty Primer by David Zuniga 

Constitutional Income by Phil Hart

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A 'citizen of the United States' is a citizen first and foremost of the United States / fed gov. via the 14th.  They are not part of 'we the people'.  That referred to people who are only a citizen of a state. They are still not subject to the income tax but the gov has declared war upon them and imposed 14th status on them.

In 12/11/2013 I had the attorney general of the fair labor division of Massachusetts asking me for my records.I sent them a notice stating 1906 Hale v. Henkel. 201 us 43.
Natural person does not have to show records but a corporation does.
No reply. Then I got a penalty of $1000 under MGL 151 section 19 three failure to keep accurate payroll records. I have no employees I am not an employer but I do have a private business and I have not filed or paid an income since 2008. This penalty turned into a tax lien on my property and is on file with the credit bureau. I then sent them a 4 page letter of criminal complaint identity theft fraudulent or miss leading securities fraud in the original notice not domicile in the state of Massachusetts which is a federal cooperation domicile within federal territories. Not a US citizen per eight USC section 1401 or personal individual and any federal law private not resident which they did not reply. Not sure where to go now. Thanks.

If the took you to court, it would be an admin / legislative branch court. This can only be done on the claim you are a 14th citizen.  They are subject to commercial laws just like a corp.  Your case came from a judicial branch / common law court before the gov was totally taken over by the communists and war was declared on state-only citizen.  Thus your case could not be seen in the current courts. 

The attorneys, which includes the judges and prosecutors understand this very well.

How do we "remedy" their error of being mistakenly identified as a US citizen? Aren't federal US Citizens foreigners belonging to the foreign District of Columbia? DC is not one of the 50 states. DC is like the Vatican. A foreign country within Rome, Italy. I am, and wish to remain a state Citizen ONLY! 

I was too young to sign my Birth Certificate and sign up for a Social Security Number. However, I have filed and paid taxes in the past, as I was misinformed by coercion and collusion and tricked into doing so.

I guess our past mistakes documents we are US citizens. With education, we now find ourselves identified incorrectly. Now what? Exactly who do we correct the error with?

What do we say to our employers when they demand a SS# and insist we sign IRS forms. Isn't any use of their paperwork admitting that we are employees of their foreign federal system as well as declaring ourselves as US citizens? How would we answer an employer if we worked in Europe while living in one of the 50 states? Is it the same?

Can we open a bank account without giving a SS# or EIN?

I have been told that "income" is defined in the IRS code as "interest" on an "investment". Our labor is NOT interest or an investment, but a barter of our time for agreed compensation. If we have interest bearing bank accounts or retirement investments, is that interest  income taxable?

The IRS code also says that tax is due on ALL income, no matter how it is derived. Using THEIR definitions, aren't we only liable for a tax on ONLY the interest?

If they need and want taxes, fine. But when they must mislead us with tens of thousands of pages of code, we need to ask, "what are they attempting to hide"? It doesn't need to be that overly complex. And what's with oxymoron  "voluntary compliance"? Right there, is proof that they are illiterate and ignorant. Any explanation is an attempt at extortion by any means.

Income tax: I explained that. It is imposed on the claim the individual is a fed citizen and that the courts have ruled such people have almost no rights. Fed and fed territorial citizens have always been subject to an income tax.  If you have no rights, they can impose a commercial law upon you - which is what they do.

Citizenship: Please study up. The 14th created true federal citizenship. Yes, DC / United States, is a foreign country in effect. It has a different system of gov and a totally different system of law than what the state constitutions created for true state citizens.

Due to the declared war against state-only citizens, we are all being subjected to the system of law that once only existed over lands the fed gov had total authority over.

I got  something to offer  to this issue  -I used the zero returns    one yeart and got all the money return  for 1999   and now I use a TAX STATEMENT    (240  pages  ) ans since using  that  I have not been  paying income taxes  because the perjury clause   is not in the statement . That removes you from  the hook  that  the IRS uses  to get you to admit you owe taxes .  Is anyone interested in getting a copy  of the TAX STATEMENT ?


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