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Money is a token representing wealth used to engage in commerce. Whatever a buyer and a seller are willing to accept in exchange for their goods and services can be used as money.

A man's capacity accumulate wealth by combining his time and talent to produce things that other people want. 

At birth, man was endowed with a set of God given rights. These rights were a gift from our Creator and came with responsibilities. Governments were created by man to protect these rights and the Constitution was a rule book that was written to govern the actions of government.

In the Declaration of Independence it states that our rights included the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the responsibility to respect the rights of everyone else.

It was understood by our founders that we had many more rights than those which were enumerated. We have the right to laugh and cry. We also have a right to sing and dance. We can run and jump and we can do anything we do virtually anything we want as long as we don't violate the rights of others.

Perhaps the most significant right of all, is our right to own and transfer property; (especially in a car). When a man is denied the right to own and dispose of his property, he is not free. When one class of men control the lives, liberty and property of others, they are the masters and everyone else is their slave.

Along with property rights we also have the right to enter into contracts. See Hale V. Hinkel for the the Supreme Court's wording on this subject. Man has a God given right to engage in commerce. If one man needs a cow and is willing to offer another man a horse in exchange, it is his right to do so. An individual can lawfully acquire anything they want as long as the buyer and the seller can agree on the terms.

Perhaps one of our least understood rights, is our right to create our own money. Money is merely a token that represents wealth. That wealth in turn is used to facilitate the transfer of goods and services. When money became a debt instrument, deposited in the bank vaults, it became a tool in the hands of the financial elite to enslave the masses. Whoever controls the issuance of a nation's currency controls the lives, liberty and property of the people.

With debt based currency, peace, prosperity and freedom cannot exist. Every nation in the history of the world which has used fiat currency has failed. A man who is not able to engage in commerce without governmental interference or permission is not free, he is merely property of those men who create and issue our nation's currency.

In order to be truly free, a man must have the power to create his own wealth. By combining his time, talent and ingenuity he creates new wealth. Money is merely a token which represents this wealth while currency is a token that only represents debt. If a man wants to accumulate more wealth, all he needs to do is create more of the things that other people want. Money needs to be based on the productive capacity of the individual and not the willingness of the banks to lend money.

The dollar was supposed to represents wealth, while Federal Reserve Notes represents a financial obligation. When a dollar is earned it is evidence that the something of value has been produced. When an individual uses a Federal Reserve Notes they are obligating themselves to pay a fictitious debt as well as the interest to service the debt. 

When money is scarce people need to borrow money to survive. When people are productive and they have an abundance of money they a free to enjoy their lives, liberty and property.

A man that is truly free has the capacity to create wealth by converting his time,talent and labor into goods and service that other people want.

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