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Should President Trump abolish the Bureau of Land Management and Pardon

the Patriots associated stand offs in Oregon and Nevada events?

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Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?

Without a doubt.....YES!

History of the BLM. The BLM was created in 1946, when the Department of the Interior merged two older agencies: the General Land Office, created in 1800 to sell off the public lands and encourage settlement; and the Grazing Service, created in 1934 to manage grazing on public lands.

It was reorganized, as directed, by an act of Congress. So where's any authority in Article II to undo an act of Congress?

It was still created as an agency of the Executive branch. Reorganized does not equal recreated. The Act that created it, was still a product of the Executive branch. No?

The pardon should be granted.  I believe the abolishment of the BLM should come from Congress.

Good luck getting that done.

Is there a button to push to say HELL YEA?  Most of the Alphabet Agencies need to be CLOSED DOWN

OH YES!!!!


If, he really , wants the respect , of the Patriot movement ; He should pardon , everybody , that stood , their ground protecting the Bundy's , from a criminal enterprise , called the BLM , who were , there too steel , their land , because the land , that the Bundy's owned had resources , that , some foreign Corporation , wanted to utilize ; Second ; The Federal Government , under The Declaration of Independence , has know right to state's land in the first place ; Third , where's the harm , nobody , was hurt , by the Militia's , or the Bundy's . The only harm came , from the BLM , when , they were pointing sniping rifle's , at the Bundy's children , by putting a bead , with a laser on it , on their fore-heads , that's called assault , with a deadly weapon , that's called a Felony ; Therefore , President Donald Trump , should pardon everyone , because , that was Bundy's reason , for standing up to the BLM in the first place , protecting his family , from life threatening action's , by the BLM !!!

Yes I Agree. PARDON ALL involved with the Bundy's ranch, and Burn BLM to the ground


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