Constitution Club

Only a courageous man can enjoy his life, liberty and property must be willing to stand up and resist tyranny. When men cower before the tyrants they submit to tyranny they give their consent.

Most of us think that it is our duty to obey the law even when it is unjust. We tend to be motivated by the fear of the consequence for disobeying the law.

Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau, Mohandas Gandhi and MrtinLuther King  Jr. all stated that it was our moral responsibilikty to resist tyranny by refusing to comply with unjust laws.

The people will continue to be debt slaves as long as they refuse to govern their government. When we remain silent we give our consent to tyranny. 

How is it possible for the 535 Congressmen to enslave over 330 million people without their consent? 

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