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In 1898 the United States started an unjust war with Spain in order to compete of overseas colonies. As a result of this splendid little war the United States claimed title to what is now the Philipines, Guam, Cuba and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We acquired these territories by conquest and allow the United States corporations to steal the natural resources of the indigenous people.

England exploited Indian, China and territories in Africa. The French, the Dutch and Spanish also harvested the natural resources in many lands.

This world wide land rush to steal natural resources was the result of the Doctrine of Discovery issue in 1452 by Pope Nicholas. Which authorized Christian Monarchs to conquer and subdue all territories inhabited by non Christian populations. The Pope asserted that the Christians had a God given right to conquer territories occupied by non Christians and to enslave the indigenous people and to take possession of their land and natural resources.

By the end of the 19th century Hawaii was one of the last territories that had not been claimed to imperialist nations. The United States decided that the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands would benefit the many U.S. Corporations that were doing business in Hawaii.

The United States has become an International bully that continues to exploit weaker nations because we can. We are no better than a man who steal from his neighbor because his neighbor can not defend his property. Having hundreds of military bases around the world is not to make the world safe, it is to protect the financial interest of the Wall Street Bankers and Corporations that are exploiting these nations.

We have become version of the "School Yard Bully"

Stealing the lunch money of weaker student is wrong and
so is stealing the natural resources of weaker nations 

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