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Who is the final arbiter to decide  the meaning of the Constitution and what is not Constitutional? Should it be the President, Congress or the panel of unelected lawyers in black robes? 

Should such important decisions be decided by the delegates of the states who wrote the Constitution and created the three branches of government ? Do the employees have the authority to dictate to their boss, to the children have the authority to over rule their parents and does the tail have a  right to wag the dog?

It takes three fourths of the states to amend the Constitution and the states should be reponsible to interpret the  meaning of the Constitution. It should take the  concurrence of 13 states to  declare when in their opinion any legislation passed by  Congress violates the the Constitution. It is the responsibility of the states hold preserve, protect and defend the Constitution by preventing the federal government from misinterpreting its original intent.

Republic Review is the process where the legislatures of the states decide meaning of the Constitution. The states audit the Constitution and whenever 13 states agree that when the original intent of the Constitution has been violate the action taken shall be declared unconstitutional.

Is the Federal Reserve and the IRS Constitutional? Is the EPA, FEMA, CIA, FBI, or the myriad of regulatory agencies Constitutional? If in the opinion of 13 states all action determined to be unconstituional can be declared unconsitutional.

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